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The complete beginner's guide to women's jeans.

If it's been a while since you last found yourself looking to buy a pair of women's jeans but are ready to get back in the game, you're in luck. Follow along to find answers to all the questions you're not comfortable asking. For example: skinny jeans when you're over 25? Yes, you can. Wait, hear us out on this one, and lots of other topics. It's time to make room next to your chinos, ladies. There's a wonderful world of denim jeans ready to take your wardrobe to a super comfortable, relevant, stylish new place thanks to a little help from Lands' End. Get ready to find your comfort zone.

Is it too late for me to hop back in a pair of jeans?

It's never too late. What held you back in the past? Chances are you went to the store, the jeans didn't fit exactly as you'd hoped and you left feeling woefully disappointed. Or the only selection available had waistlines that hit far too low and the jeans had holes in so many places, no self-respecting woman would dare to wear them outside the house. Thankfully, styles have changed. Lands' End creates jeans for women with real curves, who appreciate bending at the waist without risk of revealing too much (novel idea, right?). They've also hit the magic combination of cotton and stretch, so jeans fit so much better than they ever did in the past. They also fit jeans on real women, looking at more fit points: the waist, hip, rise (area between the crotch and top of the waistband), thigh, knee and leg opening. Lands' End women's jeans are more proportioned, size to size, as a result.

Why would I wear jeans when I love chinos?

Women's Chinos are amazing – true. But there's a reason to keep a great fitting pair of jeans in your rotation, too. For one, jeans are a bit more durable. They also keep their shape a bit from wearing to wearing, which means less trips to the laundry. There's something so effortless about a classic white buttonfront shirt and jeans, any time of year. It's one of those go-to outfits great to have on hand. Try this: invest in a pair of pull-on skinny jeans in a dark wash. Pair them with a white tunic. Roll the jeans at the ankles if you want, or wear them long. Take a look. Check out your rear view. See? Pretty incredible. Keep your chinos, certainly. But know that you can wear jeans and look amazing. There's room for both.

What if I'm not ready for skinny jeans just yet?

The perfect leg shape to start with is by far straight leg jeans. Aim for a mid-rise waist, one that sits just below your bellybutton. Then try high-rise straight leg jeans that sit at your bellybutton. Straight leg jeans with a hint of stretch are universally flattering. They're the easiest to get back into if you've been on a chino marathon for the past few years, too. The right fit ensures you're not squeezing into them. They stretch and recover to give you that same comfort even after washing them. Mid rise straight leg jeans at Lands' End also come in so many colors beyond blue. Wear them with ballet flats, loafers, with cotton sweaters, even a blazer and heels. Talk about a style staple!

What are the best jeans styles for women in their 30s or older?

Any jeans styles that fit and flatter your shape, and don't require you to shop for new tops outside the ones in your closet, are the right jeans for you. But let's certainly explore the different style options that top our list. Stovepipe jeans are slightly oversized through the thighs, falling straighter to the hem. This forgiving cut is super easy to wear. Tuck in a t-shirt, toss on a jacket or casual blazer, a heeled bootie and you're ready to go. Another great option is a subtle bootcut. Bootcut jeans balance an hourglass figure really well. The slight flair at the ankles – not an oversized bell – is the trick. Try them on for size!

Are high rise jeans the same as mom jeans?

Today's high rise jeans are not the same as mom jeans of old. We're not recommending the pleated front, high rise monstrosities of yesteryear. Today's high rise will sit at your natural waist and are ideal when you're looking for a smoothing silhouette. If you love your straight jeans these are a great option when you want to keep the same cut and a flattering look to your curves. French tuck that dressy blouse and you're strutting into the office in total confidence.

Can any size woman wear skinny jeans?

Let's be clear: any woman can wear skinny jeans. Period. The key is finding the most comfortable fit. Lands' End will go ahead and say it…we're all winning with mid rise pull on skinny jeans. These blue jeans eliminate the zipper and button struggle. With the perfect amount of stretching comfort, and a choice of regular or curvy fit, petite jeans, plus size jeans and tall size skinny jeans, you'll be set.

Don't forget to widen your jeans horizon.

We can't leave you without suggesting wide leg jeans. They are a stunner for those of you who want to make an imprint on your new embrace of denim. The trick is to balance your proportions. Typically, a wide leg means a slimmer fitting top. Or try pairing your wide leg jeans with a blazer to help define your waist. Wide leg jeans are really going to deliver a jolt of style to your wardrobe.

Where to now?

Best advice? Shop and add a few different styles to your cart. Try them on at home. Pull your favorite sweaters and shirts out of the closet and host your own fashion show, party of one. Admire the woman in the mirror and have some fun. Once you find your fit and favorite silhouette, try a few different washes and rinses. You'll be a jeanous in no time!


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