The Best Women's Bags for Work

The Best Women's Bags for Work

Are you revamping your wardrobe and noticing your bags, particularly whatever you carry to work, may need an update? Having a dependable, highly functional, and super-stylish bag is a must for many working women. Understandably, you want something that can carry everything you need for a long day, especially if you are going from the gym to the office to an evening out. From small bags that carry just the basics, to large canvas totes, we will take a look at some of the best women’s bags you can take to work.

A Day Backpack

While many women opt for a decent-sized handbag to fit the essentials they need for the day or a large canvas tote, a day backpack is also worth considering for use at work. Keeping your hands free to carry anything else you need, an adequately sized day backpack can store everything from your electronics to your wallet and keys to your little bag of toiletries and makeup and even a small laptop.

Of all the bags a woman could take to work, a backpack is arguably one of the most convenient, plus it can be remarkably stylish. We aren’t talking about a kids’ backpack or a backpack you would take on a hiking excursion; we mean a mid-sized backpack made of genuine leather or some other high-quality material that proves to be both durable and fashionable. If you think a backpack is the right bag choice for you, shop around for different styles and look for something that offers plenty of extra compartment space, internal and external pockets, and a place to hold something like a refillable water bottle. A gal can never have too many pockets.

A Canvas Tote

If a small bag or purse just won’t cut it for you for a long work day, you may be more of a large canvas tote kind of woman. The added appeal of a good quality canvas tote bag is that many are designed with so many styles, colors, and prints, and you could even have your tote monogrammed so it’s extra special (and harder to misplace). A canvas tote generally is not constructed with lots of compartment space and pockets (although many have at least one extra internal or external pocket), but it is spacious and large enough to carry several items. For example, if you know you are going to spend the whole day in the office before heading straight to a night out with friends, a canvas tote will be large enough to store a cotton cardigan or an extra change of clothes and shoes as well as all your personal items, work supplies, laptop, and your lunch and refillable water bottle.

A Crossbody Purse

A simple, crossbody purse is a great choice for the woman who prefers minimalism. One appealing aspect of crossbody purses is that they vary in size; some are quite petite and designed to only carry a few essentials, while others like laptop cases and messenger bags are much larger. It’s up to you what size crossbody purse you want or need. A crossbody purse is appealing because, like a backpack, it allows you to keep your hands free or have extra room to carry other things like your much-needed cappuccino that you enjoy on the way to the office. Larger crossbody purses can carry your laptop, a lunch box, books, or other larger, bulkier items as well as small things. They are also usually constructed with at least a couple of pockets, so if you need to store small items without worrying about losing them, a crossbody purse can keep all of these things safe.

A Mid-Sized Tote

Another great bag choice for working women who like to maintain a minimalist style and only carry the essentials is a mid-sized tote. It’s classic and gives off a timeless look. It is easy to pair with many outfits, professional or otherwise. It is just large enough to carry your personal belongings, a couple of healthful snacks, some office supplies, and your toiletries, yet not so large that it is uncomfortable to carry.

If you know you can get through the day with only a handful of essential items, a mid-sized tote is probably right for you. Though a mid-sized tote can come in a variety of colors, styles, and prints, nothing beats a classic all-black tote that can effortlessly be paired with professional attire. If you do decide you want something a bit more avante garde or bold, consider first investing in a neutral or all-black tote and then adding a second tote.

What bag do you take to work? Is it time to update it? Consider investing in one of these versatile bags or explore your options until you find one that is right for you.


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