The Best Spring Outfits for Men

The Best Spring Outfits for Men

Perhaps you’re the kind of guy who wears nothing but men's shorts once the temperature goes above 65, even if it drops back down again for a solid two weeks. Or maybe you’ve been dying to show off your pastel button-down, but it hasn’t quite felt seasonally appropriate. Well, my friends, spring is here, and with it, the opportunity to wear just about anything you please. Spring is the perfect time for casual, carefree outfits that feel good to wear.

You know, the kind of clothing that feels just as good at the office as it does at the weekend barbeque? Your best spring wardrobe might have a few variations for different occasions, but it generally sticks to being comfortable, but sophisticated. Here are the absolute best spring outfits for men.

The Polo and Khakis

The classic spring look. The men’s polo shirt is your best bet for spring, bringing a fresh, athletic energy to whatever occasion you’re wearing it for, and adding a little something extra to your simple t-shirt and shorts look. Pick a polo shirt with a bright, springy color, or a subdued pastel or light shade, to turn heads and reflect the sun. We love the way a polo shirt suggests a slightly refined air, while still being the most comfortable shirt in our closet. Its open collar allows for airflow, and its knit fabric is breathable for the warmer months. Pair your men’s polo shirt with a pair of khakis—pants or shorts—for a simple and classic look for spring.

The Striped Shirt and Jeans

A spin on basics. Spring weather is the best weather because of how easy it is to wear pants and a t-shirt. The ultimate in comfort, pants and a t-shirt allows you to be covered up, but still feel the sun on your skin, and leaves you ready for just about anything that may come your way, from a game of frisbee to a nice dinner invite. Instead of the basic solid t-shirt, why not try a patterned shirt? We particularly like a striped one, for its old-school look and dash of personality. Find your most flattering colors and have a little fun with them. Pair with sneakers and a jean jacket for a classic American look.

The Button-Down Shirt

The men's button-down shirt is ideal for almost any occasion. It’s as comfortable as our favorite t-shirt, but can be as dressy as we want it to be. Come spring, we love breaking out our short-sleeved button-downs. Something about this cut always gets compliments, especially when it’s in a fun or funky print for spring. New twists on the Hawaiian shirt are fun to wear to the backyard barbeque, and a linen variety keeps us nice and cool when the temperature drops. The light and airy nature of the short-sleeved button-down is our go-to for spring when we never know what the day may hold. Pair with sneakers, sandals, or leather lace-up shoes for work, and a pair of loose-fitting khaki or jean pants to complete the look.

The Cropped Pants

There’s nothing wrong with showing off a little ankle. Cropped pants are our pick for spring because of the way they seem to add an effortless sophistication mixed with a carefree edge to whatever we’re wearing. Pair with a short-sleeve button-down shirt (mentioned above) and a pair of sneakers with ankle socks (or no socks at all) and let those ankles feel the breeze! Cropped pants are surprisingly flattering on anyone. Note to tall men: cropped pants are not to be confused with those pants that are too short for you. There is a difference in cut and fit that should be recognized and respected. Whether you go for cropped denim, khaki, chinos, or corduroys, these pants will be your go-to's for spring, and well into summer.

The Athletic Jacket

This spring, be ready for anything, whether it’s a power walk around the neighborhood or a mid-day power nap on your couch. Athleisure is our favorite thing to wear in the spring because of its versatility. A cool men's athletic jacket takes things up a notch from your average gym pullover. An athleisure look is appropriate for any time of day, from your morning walk to your family event later in the day. The athletic jacket is perfect for spring when the temperatures are unpredictable and you (or your loved ones) usually end up needing an extra layer later in the day. You may want to bring an extra, in case someone wants to borrow yours!

These spring looks will have you looking and feeling your best this season, from head to toe.


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