The Best Winter Coats and Jackets to Keep Plus Size Women Warm This Winter

The best plus-size winter coats and jackets to keep you warm this winter

What will it take to keep you cozy and looking terrific during this winter's coldest months? Our vote is for a plus-size winter coat that's designed with warmth and style in mind. This guide will give you a quick run-through of some of the best winter coats for plus-size ladies, so you can find the perfect choice for you.

A comfy fleece jacket

A plus-size fleece jacket is a terrific go-to option when you'd like to keep warm when it's brisk, but not overly cold, outside. Fleece jackets come in a range of pretty colors and cool prints. These breathable jackets are a good choice when you'll want to move, and need just enough coverage to block mildly cool temperatures.

A cozy puffer

Cool to look at and warm to wear, plus size puffer coats are a keep-warm option that you can find in a huge range of styles, from lightweight vests to ultra-warm, full-body coats. Puffers also come in a broad assortment of colors. Pick the cut and the color that make you feel gorgeous, and you'll be protected from the elements in style.

A waterproof parka

Feeling cold is bad enough. But feeling cold and wet in the winter? That's even worse. So if your local forecasts feature frequent freezing rain and sleet, a waterproof winter coat is a smart way to keep warm and so much more comfortable through the winter. Waterproof parkas fit that bill perfectly. These water-resistant and waterproof options are ideal for windy and rainy days, and you can choose from options that protect you during moderate or frigidly cold days.

Women's winter parkas offer you a range of different looks, so it's easy to find the one that matches your personal style. You can choose a cheerful color to brighten cloudy days or look for extra touches like faux fur on the hood, collar, or cuff to help keep you cozy and cute, no matter what the forecast holds.

An oversized stadium coat

Will you be doing more outside than running from the car to the door? When you're spending a lot of time exposed to the weather, a coat that covers more of you can help keep you warm. Oversized winter coats, which run loose through the shoulders and the hips, were popular on the runways this year. A long stadium coat offers plenty of cold-weather coverage, along with wind-fighting features, such as adjustable hoods and storm flaps to help you keep warm. And although these coats are long, they're also designed to compliment your style, with features like adjustable waists that will help ensure that your coat fits like it was made for you.

A warm wool blend coat

If you'd like a coat that's a little dressier than a puffer or parka, you might want to consider a coat made with a natural fabric, like a winter coat in a wool blend. Plus size wool coats are tailored to create stylish, tailored looks – think peacoats and A-line styles, car coats, and stylish flared designs – that look put together while keeping you amazingly warm.

This season, the most popular wool coats are in a mix of rich hues beyond the basic whites, blacks, and beiges. Top options include delicate pastels (think pink and baby blue); bright, poppy colors (such as bright orange and fire engine red); or high-style metallic hues.

A bulk-free, packable winter coat

Happily, good winter weather coverage doesn't require boring outerwear anymore. Plus-size packable jackets are plenty warm, with a touch of style in every detail. As their name suggests, packable coats are a perfect choice when you're traveling and you need a coat you can carry and store easily during your trips. But it's also a terrific coat for those who live in small spaces and don't want their winter coats to clog their less-than-large closets. Packable winter coats come in a range of styles, such as vests, anoraks, jackets, and barn coats, and feature materials, like down and Primaloft, that are designed to create warmth and insulation from cold weather.

A keep-you-warm raincoat

Cold winter weather can bring freezing rain, sleet, and snow. So a plus-size rain jacket that's designed to keep the chill out is a terrific choice for your winter outerwear wardrobe. Raincoats come in a rainbow of colors, perfect for brightening up dreary winter days. You can find plus-size raincoats with the right level of insulation for your region's weather, and in styles from sporty jackets to full-length stadium coats.

When it comes to enjoying the winter, having a coat that looks good and keeps you comfortable no matter what the forecast brings is more than just practical - it's perfect.


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