The Best Places to Travel With Your Dog This Summer

The Best Places to Travel With Your Dog This Summer

Summer travels with the family are a seasonal staple. And sometimes, your family includes furry members you just can’t bear to leave behind. Whether you are a parent to an adorable pug or a playful Labrador, your dog is truly a part of your family. So how can you take your dog with you? And are there certain destinations that might be better than others for pets? Let’s find out!

Location Considerations

Humans are pretty adaptable to different climates. We can use clothes to keep warm or fans and ice packs to keep cool. Your dog may not be as flexible as you are. A husky in the Costa Rica summer sun will have a hard time. A short-haired chihuahua on the northwestern coast of the U.S. might get colder at night than you would expect. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! It just means you may need to prepare a little more. If you have a longhaired dog in a hot location, consider shaving your dog’s belly to help release some heat. Make the drinking water a little colder. Take your main walks in the morning and/or evening when the sun isn’t so hot. If your destination is colder and you have a small, short-haired pup, bring blankets and maybe a little dog jacket if your furry child is willing to wear one. Maybe get a matching fleece sweater of your own to show your support. Have your long walks in the afternoons when the sun is stronger, and the world is a little warmer. Little things like this can make traveling a little easier on your beloved pet.

Places in the Mountains

Trails and hikes are naturally canine-friendly, so try checking out some locations that are famous for their outdoor activities! Colorado is a scenic state, and Colorado Springs boasts delightful attractions that will allow both you and your dog to enjoy them, like the Garden of the Gods, the Manitou Cliff Dwelling, and the Cripple Creek District Museum. Another lovely location famous for its natural beauty is Sedona, Arizona. Its red-rock buttes look like something out of an old Western movie, and there are many locations around the city that admit pets. Finally, with 37-acres of land set aside for off-leash furry fun is Bozeman, Montana. Snowfall Recreation Area is where you’ll want to spend time exploring the acreage along with Gallatin Regional Park’s dog park. Bring along your women’s activewear and hiking boots because there is no limit to what you will discover here!

Places by the Water

Not all beaches welcome dogs, but the ones that do tend to be worth visiting! Look at Key West in Florida. Its beach at Waddell and Vernon allows your dog to play off-leash, and some of the local beach bars are also dog-friendly. Another beach destination that is generous to pets is in California. San Diego’s “Dog Beach” is a self-evident title for a beach with the space to entertain lots of dogs of all kinds. The stores and restaurants in the neighborhood are similarly accepting of canine companions. Taking time to fully enjoy a beach vacation goes beyond just buying a new bathing suit . You’ll want to try out some water activities too! If your pup is up for it, consider including him or her in the fun. Put your dog in front of you on your kayak or see if your dog can balance with you on a paddleboard. If you like water but are more of a lake person, consider Lake George, New York. It has stunning scenery, and a special retreat called Canine Camp Getaway has dog-specific activities, sports, and training classes—perfect for any dog lover.

Places Internationally

If you hope to bring your pet along on a trip abroad, some countries boast delightful attractions that are accepting of pets. France, Italy, and Switzerland are all rich in culture and considerate of furry visitors. Considering your itinerary and calling ahead to see if dogs are allowed is a great way to decide what to prioritize when you are traveling. And you may be surprised at the places that are open to canine guests.

If you are traveling far from your home and community, remember to talk to your vet about the best ways to keep your dog happy and healthy while you are away. Ask about the best flight strategy and whether there are pet hospitals near your destination in case of emergency. If you are driving, ask about motion sickness and how you can help your dog in case of nausea. If you are flying, contact different airlines far in advance to see what the guidelines and recommendations are so you can be ready when it is time to go.

With these tips and ideas, you are ready for a memorable trip that finally includes your whole family.


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