The Best Mock Turtlenecks for Layering

The Best Mock Turtlenecks for Layering

Mock turtlenecks rank right up there with long-sleeve tops and T-shirts as the ultimate layering pieces. The beauty of this versatile top is that it goes well with everything. You can just as easily slip it on beneath a blazer or a sweater as you can under a dress or a winter coat. There are thousands of styling possibilities, which makes it an exceptional addition to any wardrobe.

But if you plan to layer, it's important to select the right type of mock turtleneck for that purpose. There are countless styles available. Some are wonderfully plush, thick, and comfortable–perfectly dreamy when you want to wear something that feels as soft and cozy as your favorite blanket. You can count on those to see you through the chilliest days of the year.

True layering, however, requires something of a lighter weight. If you opt for the thicker variety, you can potentially slip something on beneath that, like a light tank or short-sleeve tee. Otherwise, a thin mock neck is your best bet for wearing with other pieces as the bottom-most layer. These suggestions will help you find just the right piece.

Under a Blazer

It's a beautiful, sunny spring day and you're feeling great as you get ready for the workday–except maybe it's just a little bit chilly out. A higher neck would work wonders, except you don't really want to wear a sweater. Enter the mock turtleneck top, which offers a casual take on the humble turtleneck. Don't mistake casual for dressing down, though. Whether you opt for a long-sleeve or sleeveless style, you can easily slip it on beneath a blazer and achieve a perfectly polished look from head to toe. Opt for a neutral hue like gray or black to stay within the confines of a more strict dress code. If you work in a more relaxed environment, don't be afraid to venture into brighter territory; a pop of color beneath a blazer always looks great.

Beneath a Dress

Worn under everything from a sleeveless jersey maxi dress to a slip dress, a mock turtleneck can transform any outfit into a more cold-weather friendly ensemble. Opt for material like soft, thin cotton, which offers significant coverage but won't restrict your movements or feel uncomfortable under something as substantial as a dress. For a more streamlined look, stay within the same color family.

With a Sweater

Although turtlenecks and mock neck tops often fall into the same category as women's sweaters, they can be much lighter overall. A cotton top isn't a sweater, for example, so you can wear it beneath a cashmere cardigan to double up on chilly days. If you're wearing a cardigan but don't want to suffocate under the weight of too much fabric, try a sleeveless mock neck top instead. It offers the same relaxed comfort of a tank top, but looks far more pulled together and provides a bit more coverage, too.

Under Flannel Shirts

The combination of turtlenecks and flannel shirts is simply irresistible. It's the ultimate cold-weather pairing–a fashionable duo that both looks and feels great. But if you don't love the way an actual turtleneck feels, try a long-sleeve mock neck in a relaxed cotton fabric instead; that plus the undeniable warmth of the flannel shirt will keep you toasty throughout the day. This is a great choice if you plan to spend the majority of the day outside but don't necessarily want to wear a bulky jacket or coat. The flannel helps lock in additional body heat so that you stay as warm as possible throughout the day. Throw on a scarf if you need a little extra coziness around your neck!

Beneath a Vest

Meet another cool-weather essential: the amazing vest. It's not just super versatile, but it's also great to wear when it's moderately chilly outside. The vest is a fabulous partner for a mock neck because it creates a great balance; the mock keeps your neck and arms warm, while the vest locks in heat so that you stay comfortable even when it's windy out there. Don't be afraid to play with patterns–a fun print always looks great peeking out from beneath a solid-colored vest and can easily brighten up a drab fall or winter day. But if you favor simple colors, you'll find dozens of great basics in shades like blue, red, and green. Why not throw one of those on with a reliable black vest and jeans for the ultimate cold-weather look?

Staying Comfortable

Above all, remember that your comfort is paramount. Many people favor mock necks because they don't love the way actual turtlenecks feel, or they simply don't require much neck coverage. Play around with different styles and fabrics until you find the ones that help you look and feel your very best.


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