The Best Hot Cocoa Ever

The Best Hot Cocoa Ever

You’ve decided to spend the weekend at a mountain resort. So you’ve packed your coziest sweaters and scarves, the kids are with their grandparents, you hit the road early Friday afternoon to beat rush hour traffic. A magical weekend of snow and evergreens awaits you. Maybe you’re the type for rugged outdoorsy alpine adventures. Or maybe you prefer to find the cabin’s hidden nooks to curl up with that book that’s been idling on your nightstand. Either way, when you come in from the cold, a frothy mug of hot cocoa is the perfect touch.

The best hot cocoa starts with high-quality chocolate. If you like rich flavors, go for a dark chocolate. Adding whole milk makes for the creamiest cocoa. Next, make sure you add additional flavors. Stir it with a cinnamon stick. Float a few marshmallows. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a pinch of chili pepper for a bit of a kick. If you like bright flavors, you can simmer it with a cardamom pod or some fresh ginger. Pick up some of our English butter toffee to serve alongside. Hot cocoa is full of possibilities. Read on for some ideas about how to enjoy your cocoa for the best hot cocoa experience this winter.

Your Favorite Mug

When you’ve landed on your favorite brand of chocolate and how to prepare it, give it that extra special treatment by using a special mug. Surely you’ve got your daily coffee mug that you use to throw back some caffeine before you start your workday. Maybe you’ve even got another afternoon mug for that second jolt after lunchtime. But a hot cocoa mug makes the hot cocoa taste all the better because the experience is uniquely for wintertime’s favorite chocolate and milk combo. Check out our insulated Swig Life mugs that make taking hot cocoa on the go an even more festive experience.

Your mug is the first priority—but don’t forget to pick up some for your kids. They’ll adore fun, festive designs or ones with their initials to make hot cocoa a family affair.

Your Favorite Loungewear

Once you’ve got your mug selected, think about the ambiance you want to create. The best hot cocoa isn’t just what’s in the mug. It’s about how you set up your space to enjoy it. Some cuddly women’s loungewear or comfy sweats is the first step to making coziness a reality. A Sherpa fleece sweatshirt in the forest moss or ivory/black Fairisle sets the right mood for wintry vibes. Pair the sweatshirt with a pair of our serious sweats ankle sweatpants for a complete look. The wide elastic waistband helps when you want a second serving of hot chocolate, too.

If you prefer another fabric, grab a hooded sweatshirt in 100% cotton with a front pocket to store your book or e-reader. Likewise, if you want your neck protected from any drafts in your house, pick up a snap neck pullover or a mock neck zip tunic. You’ll feel warmed by the coziness at your neck, plus the hot steam rising from your mug. Lastly, pair either sweatshirt with some soft leggings for a look that’s ultra-wearable and easy to curl up in.

Your Favorite Toe Warmers

Once your tops and bottoms are just right, you’ve got to be sure your feet have an outfit all their own. Some socks made with fuzzy chenille, or Sherpa lined wool make any loungewear outfit a solid 10. But for the absolute best in the hot cocoa experience, you can’t miss our women’s felt scuff slippers in the hot cocoa print. One slipper’s got a mug and a candy cane, and the other two blue and white felt snowflakes.

When you bring out a special pair of slippers to match your special cocoa mug, it makes the experience a special event, something you do for a little “me time” when you need to disconnect and give yourself a little gift. That’s the magic, after all, of the best hot cocoa. The world around you melts away, and you’re left with steaming hot chocolate and the gratitude for a lovely day.

Your Favorite Tunes

Your outfit’s set, the slippers are on, the hot cocoa is frothing and ready for your mug. Last but not least, make a playlist of the songs that make you feel happy and at home. Sipping your hot cocoa to the sounds of classic holiday songs or orchestral, choral music, or maybe even your favorite Christmas movie’s soundtrack enhances the cocoa’s effects.

As you sit down with your ambiance perfectly curated, grab the last things you’ll need for the experience. Some of our buffalo check cloth napkins make for a great sidekick to your mug. Our Christmas candies, the sweet and salty sampler or peppermint crunch cookies are an excellent side dish too. Plus, they’re great to put out when family and friends come over the celebrate the holidays.

Hot cocoa is your best bet for a special treat when you deserve it most. Create an idyllic hot cocoa nook in your home and dress for the magic.


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