The Best Christmas Gifts to Buy Your Mom

The Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

Your mom is likely the most important woman in your life, so when it comes to giving her a gift, you want to make sure it’s special and represents the way you feel about her. Sometimes that’s hard to accomplish, especially if you overthink it. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you have to get her the best gift ever and spend lots of money. She wouldn’t want that anyway. Instead, take into consideration these two tips. First, put yourself in her shoes. Has she mentioned anything that she needs or wants? Second, get creative, even with the most basic gifts. Find a way to make that gift a little more personal. Those two tips will give you a good head start. Below are some straightforward yet much-appreciated gifts your mom will be sure to love.

A Stocking Full of Goodies

She played Santa for a good chunk of your life. Try to think back to how fun it was as a kid to open a stocking and find a bunch of smaller gifts inside. A personalized Christmas stocking is great for this purpose. It’s sentimental with a sense of practicality if you fill it with a bunch of little items she’s sure to love. These could be things like her favorite coffee, favorite scents, some nice gloves, makeup, jewelry, a bottle of wine, bath bombs – you get the idea. You can even throw a gift card in there for her favorite restaurant and tell her that she’ll be treating you to dinner sometime soon (with the card of course). Spending time with you might just be her favorite part of the gift.

A Special Ornament or Handmade Gift

Think of how much your mom cherished those little Christmas ornaments you made as a kid. Now think of how many of those broke or simply got lost over time. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean she wouldn’t still love a gift you made with your own hands. Consider making an ornament at a local pottery place. In fact, you can both go together and then swap ornaments when you’re done making them. It’s all about spending time together and then having something tangible you can put on the tree to remember the time you spent together. You can even make a habit of it so each year you both have something to look forward to doing together. If crafting isn’t your thing, consider buying an ornament that you can have engraved and personalized.

Flannel Pajamas

There’s just something about putting on a brand new, never-been-worn pair of pajamas. Yet, how often do we really treat ourselves to them? Instead, we toss on whatever old T-shirt and shorts we have handy and hope that nobody stops over to visit or sees us through the window. As a mom, her nighttime couture probably involves whatever is comfortable and cozy, especially if she spent the day in stuffy work clothes. And her go-to pajamas might not be so attractive or even appropriate! So treat her to a pair of flannel pajamas that are timeless, comfortable, and stylish. As for the sentimental part, try to find a picture of the two of you together, and put it in a little frame that you can hide in the front pocket of the pajama shirt or pant pockets if they have them. You’ll get bonus points if it’s a picture of yourself in your jammies as a kid. Or wrap the pajamas along with a favorite book that she used to read to you as a child. She’ll likely love going down memory lane as she turns the pages. Happy memories always make the best gifts for mom.

A Monogrammed Blanket

A soft, luxurious monogrammed blanket can actually be a really cool gift for a mom. Having one placed on the couch that looks good and can be wrapped around her when it gets chilly is great, but having it monogrammed with a special message from you is even better. Consider adding a simple, “I love you, Mom” or maybe a lyric to a favorite song, so she’ll think of you whenever she uses it.

As you can see, you don’t need to blow all your hard-earned money on a sparkly piece of jewelry or designer clothing. The best gifts are practical and sentimental, and these ideas never disappoint. If you have a grandmother on your gift list this year, remember that the above-mentioned gift ideas will work for her, too.


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