7 Best gift ideas for dad's birthday and Christmas

7 Best gift ideas for dad's birthday and Christmas

Dads can be notoriously difficult for which to buy gifts. They just have a way of being either too practical or too simple at times when asked what types of things they like. But what if it really is those practical, simple things he wants? Even if he wants nothing at all, remember what your dad has done for you throughout your life together, and use this opportunity to show your gratitude with something tangible. Just because you deem something simple doesn't mean he won't use it and appreciate it. And if you want to do a little "extra," think monograms, then wrap the gift with care and creativity to show you took the time. Here are some of our top birthday and Christmas gifts for dad.

1. Cashmere sweater

Try to think of a single person who doesn't like the fuzzy, ultra-soft, comforting feel of cashmere. Actually, don't even bother trying. A men's cashmere sweater is a perfect gift for anyone, but when you gift it to your dad, he's sure to think to himself, "I raised that kid right." It represents a sense of style and class, and it is versatile to wear to work or out to dinner. And, unlike dress shirts, sweaters don't require you to be too exact when choosing his size. Cashmere anything, let alone sweaters, makes a great gift.

2. Monogrammed slippers

A pair of slippers to wear around the house is a simple luxury that a surprising number of people don't have. Owning a pair of monogrammed slippers is even better. A comfortable, versatile pair of slippers can be worn inside from room to room, or even outside to grab the mail. If he has a pair already, are they made of high-quality suede or leather and with super soft fleece inside? Adding a monogram creates a special touch to a gift, as well.

3. A new robe

Men's flannel robes are more comfortable today than ever before, with modern fabric that is easy to clean yet super comfy and warm. And if you give your dad a nice robe with pockets, he might stop complaining about losing his glasses or his phone. Just like with the slippers, you can have a robe monogrammed with his initials or a symbol that represents one of his hobbies.

4. Fun socks

There must be some shift in the universe as we get older, where we start to really like something as basic as socks, even though we wouldn't dream of asking for socks as a kid. You might not be at that point yet, but your dad likely is, especially if the ones he wears most are starting to get a little thin at the bottom or already have holes. As mentioned before, dads are practical, and buying socks for him gives him one less thing to go out and buy himself. Plus, a cool pair of novelty socks can really make an outfit and show his (and your) fun side. If socks just aren't enough for you, you can always get a pair or two to supplement another small gift.

5. Travel accessories

Whether he travels for work or pleasure, having a personalized backpack can be a big help in the packing department. With an overnight bag, he can simply keep all his regular items in the bag, then drop them into his suitcase when he packs. Or, if he travels with a carry-on, he can keep a spare supply of travel-sized, TSA-approved items in a toiletry bag. Don't forget to monogram it with his initials or a special symbol.

6. An experience to remember

Is your dad one of those people that has everything? Gift him an experience! Has he always wanted to climb Half Dome or swim with dolphins? Maybe there’s a band he’s always wanted to see in concert or a restaurant he’s never been able to get into. Whatever the experience is, it shows you’re listening to what he says, and gifting an experience can be made to fit many different budgets. It can be as big as taking him to Hawaii or as small as going to do an activity locally that he’ll love. People underestimate the gift of time. 

Also, if you’re going on a big trip, consider getting him a new carry-on bag or a neck pillow for the flight. It’s always more comfortable when you have the right gear for a trip.

7. Some classic PJs

This might sound silly, but hear us out. Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of pajamas? Whether he likes flannel or cotton, there’s something for every dad. A lot of guys go through life not replacing their pajamas often, and they wear pajamas every night. So, he’ll get good use out of them! Giving him the gift of snuggly comfort will help him sleep better and look great! You can also add a personal touch with his monogrammed initials. 

When thinking of birthday gift ideas for dad, try not to overdo it. Start by thinking about what he would really appreciate, and then think about how you can take that item and make it special (by monogramming it, for example). If there is something specific he wants, but your budget can't accommodate it, consider going in on the gift with siblings. In contrast, if he'd rather spend time with you than be given an extravagant gift, just get him something little and carve out time from your busy schedule for longer visits together or a night out to eat. That will undoubtedly be the gift he remembers the most.



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