The Best Fleece Items for Your Home & Closet

The Best Fleece Items for Your Home & Closet

There’s a reason why fleece is such a well-liked clothing and home goods staple. Fleece is an unbelievably soft, cozy material designed for extra warmth and comfort. It’s also incredibly versatile and is used to design many things ranging from blankets to sweaters to robes. In this post, we will look at some of the top fleece items for your home and closet.

A Fleece Sweater

Sweaters of any style are classic fashion staples that everyone should have regardless of age, gender, or style preference. When you find yourself in the dead of winter with freezing temperatures, it’s always better to layer with sweaters than getting stuck trying to figure out how to layer thin, cheap-quality shirts. A women’s fleece sweaters is arguably one sweater style you should seriously consider adding to your wardrobe if you don’t already have it. Fleece tops like sweaters or chunky, oversized pullovers are great to wear around the house as well as whenever you leave the house. Fleece is also becoming quite trendy, so you can totally get away with wearing it out to brunch, to the office, or just for a quick run to the grocery store. Finish off the look with comfy leggings, stylish high rise jeans, or women’s elastic pants and you’ll never want to change your outfit!

A Plaid Flannel Button Up With Fleece Lining

Like fleece, plaid flannel is an iconic fashion staple that many people love to wear during the fall and winter months. Why not combine the two materials? A plaid flannel button-up with a soft fleece lining can double as a jacket and a shirt. You can wear it all on its own or, if you have a slightly larger size, layer it over a sweater. If you are planning to do a Christmas card for the holiday season, your family members may appreciate getting to wear something that is festive, but more importantly super cozy, while they are getting their picture taken. Plus, it goes without saying that plaid flannel is a visually appealing look, especially for a cozy, festive holiday card.

A Soft Fleece Robe

What could be better than ending your day with a hot cup of tea, a cozy fireplace, and a thick, warm fleece robe? Robes, in general, are designed to be comfortable and relaxing, but a fleece robe does an excellent job of taking the comfort factor to the next level. A fleece robe is a great piece to have, especially in the blustery, cold winter months. Fleece robes are designed with different levels of thickness, varying lengths, and fun styles and colors, so it won’t be difficult to find the right fleece robe for you.

A Fleece Blanket

Ok, we may need to correct the record when we implied earlier that nothing could be better than curling up on the sofa in an ultra-soft fleece robe. We can think of something better: curling up on the sofa in an ultra-soft fleece robe and an ultra-soft fleece blanket. For those nights when you just need extra warmth, nothing beats a thick fleece blanket; it’s the ultimate blanket of choice for the fall and winter months. Fleece blankets are also great gift items, so if you are struggling to figure out what to get loved ones during the holiday season, why not get everyone new fleece blankets all around? They are a great addition to any home since they can function as a throw blanket over the sofa or an extra layer for your bed.

A Fleece Vest

You know what a great look for both men and women is? A fleece vest over a plaid flannel shirt. It’s a rustic, yet chic look that’s perfect for a fall outing on the apple farm or a day of cutting down a Christmas tree for the holiday season. You don’t need to go on some quaint, seasonal outing to wear this look. Even if you are just running errands in town or heading into work, this is a combination that is both stylish and undeniably comfy (your co-workers would be jealous).

A Fleece Hoodie

If you want to add a little more pizazz to your wardrobe and change up your look, swap out a regular hoodie for a fleece hoodie or fleece zip-up sweatshirt. The look of fleece is just so much cozier and increasingly fashionable. If you buy a slightly oversized fleece, it not only offers a looser, more relaxed fit, it can be worn over other regular hoodies for more warmth and added dimension to the look.

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