The Best Cozy Sweaters for Campus Life

The Best Cozy Sweaters for Campus Life

Drafty dorm rooms, overly air-conditioned lecture halls, and snowy commutes got you down? Chase away the chill with the perfect cozy sweater — we’ve collected all of our favorite campus favorites.

Wooly Warmth

Wool is a wonderful natural fiber that is often overlooked in today’s fast-fashion environment. Because sheep are constantly producing fleece, wool is a more sustainable option than other fibers and fabrics. One hundred percent wool sweaters are odor-resistant and easy to care for, another bonus for a busy college schedule! Women's wool sweaters come in a wide range of colors and styles, from neutral creams and grays that require little dye, to vivid colors and patterns.

Pair longer, roomy wool sweaters with skinny jeans or leggings for a comfy fit that’s perfect for study sessions. Combine shorter, fitted sweaters with a skirt and tights for a cute classroom look that’s still warm enough for walking between classes. Wool tends to be a bit heavier than other materials, so if you’re planning on layering your outfit for extra warmth throughout the day, do so with camisoles, T-shirts, or thermal shirts.

Fleece Feels

Who doesn’t love a super soft women's fleece sweater? Fleece is durable and designed for long-lasting wear, so you should be able to rock your favorites throughout your college career and beyond.

Fleece sweaters are perfect for lounging in your dorm or apartment, or for days you prefer a more casual look. Wear with leggings, joggers, or athletic shorts for all-over comfort and warmth. And if your fleece sweaters occasionally double as pajamas … well, we won’t tell.

Fleece jackets and vests, while not technically sweaters (shhhhh!), are a college closet staple. Again, fleece’s durability makes for fantastic outerwear during your daily commute, weekend trips, or in extra chilly classrooms.

Classic Cashmere

There’s nothing quite like a women's cashmere sweater. Yes, cashmere typically falls into a higher price range than your cotton and fleece sweaters — but it’s well worth the investment.

Believe it or not, there will be occasions where a professional outfit is needed on campus! Cashmere is great for class presentations, advisor meetings, job interviews, and date nights — a fitted cashmere sweater with dress pants or a pencil skirt will radiate confidence. You can also dress down cashmere by pairing your sweater with jeans and a colorful scarf. If your goal is nerdy chic, throw a structured, well-tailored blazer over top.

Traditional Turtleneck

The wind is howling outside your apartment, but you’ve still got to walk to class. Turtlenecks to the rescue!

Turtlenecks deliver a classic look with enhanced coverage, perfect for those transitional months in spring or fall (no scarf required). Lightweight turtleneck sweaters can be worn underneath denim or corduroy jackets for a casual layered style, or with a blazer for a more professional appearance. If you’re a ’90s gal at heart, wear your favorite turtleneck sweater with denim overalls for effortless vintage vibes.

Dynamic Dresses

Sweater dresses deliver head-to-toe coziness and seasonal style. As summer fades into fall, throw a few sweater dresses into your rotation. Neutral colors like browns and grays are easy to customize with scarves and jewelry, as are bright, solid colors. With patterned sweater dresses, stick to solid-colored scarves and subtle jewelry. And of course, pull out your boots! Whether you like tall boots or ankle-length options, flats, or heels, no footwear looks better with a sweater dress than your best boots.

Sweater dresses can also work well for fancier occasions, like holiday parties, or professional settings, like presentations and job interviews. Flowy cardigans and scarves instantly dress up a sweater dress. Or, add a tailored blazer or jacket to up the business casual factor.

Cozy Christmas

Every college student should have one Christmas sweater — ugly or not — in their closet. Christmas sweaters are mandatory clothing for those ugly sweater parties, and you don’t want to miss out on any holiday festivities. Look for traditional red and green combos, or go wild with pop culture-inspired knitted graphics. Sure, you’ll only wear it a few times in December, but ’tis the season!

Cardigan Cover-ups

A trusty women's cardigan will get you far. A button-up cardigan can double as outerwear on cool spring mornings or fall afternoons and will save you from freezing in the AC during the summer months. Stick with neutral colors for more mileage with your existing wardrobe. Wear cardigans over fitted tees with jeans for an easy casual daytime look, or pair with a summer dress for cocktail hour or date night. We love cardigans with buttons for versatility and styling options.

Campus Cozy

You might not be able to control the dorm room thermostat — and unfortunately, weather control is still not a thing outside of "The X-Men" — but with a closet full of cozy sweaters, you can make the most of cold weather.

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