The Best Work Cardigans for Women

Why Cashmere Cardigans Are a Must

A cashmere cardigan might be the ultimate accessible luxury item. You can find a beautiful one at a price that doesn’t break the bank and they never go out of style. They also feel wonderful – soft, warm and incredibly snuggly – so don’t hesitate to add one or two to your closet. To keep your cardigan looking great, never place it on hanger, especially when wet. The forces of gravity can stretch it out shape, so store it folded and let it air dry lying flat.

They’re great for work

If you work in an office that cranks up the AC and makes July feel more like January, you’ll always need something to keep you warm. A great way to stay warm is with a cardigan. There’s nothing quite like a cashmere cardigan. This lush fiber is made from the finest Mongolian goat hair and actually feels softer the more you wear it. And every time you put it on, you’ll glow from the inside out – there’s nothing like a little luxury to brighten your smile, after all. Put it on any time you need a confidence boost. It’s also great for days when you’re heading out on the town after work, as you only need to add a little lipstick to get ready for cocktails with the girls or a romantic dinner.

They’re always elegant

Every woman needs a few elegant pieces in her closet – the kinds of timeless things you can rely on for those special moments, like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. A cashmere cardigan is the embodiment of class and simply slipping one over a cami can lend you a refined air. They also compliment the other beautiful pieces that you cherish, like that favorite dress or the silk blouse that makes you feel gorgeous.

Cashmere is easy to care for

Luxury clothing can be hard to care for. Fancy dresses with lots of detailing, delicate shirts from fine lace and even high-end denim can require special treatment, or even a costly trip to the dry cleaner. But cleaning a cashmere cardigan is easy! You can usually toss it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle with a wool-safe detergent. And even handwashing only takes a few minutes in a sink filled with cool water, so there’s nothing to sweat over.

You can wear them all year round

Unlike a heavy wool sweater, a cashmere cardigan can be worn all year long. Toss one over a turtleneck in the winter and you’ll feel nice and warm even when it’s freezing outside. In the spring, they’re the perfect layering piece with your favorite tees, tanks and floral dresses, and one in a solid color can be used to ground a wild pattern. When summer arrives, wear a cashmere cardigan instead of a jacket on those cool evenings.

There are so many styles to choose from

Cashmere cardigans aren’t just high-necked sweaters with pearl buttons. You can find them in almost any style, making it easy to pick out one that works with your wardrobe. Try a hip-grazing wrap cardigan that ties at the waist and wear it with your favorite leggings. The draping collar of a waterfall cardigan is simply beautiful and there’s something romantic about its flowing silhouette. If you lean casual, try a collegiate-inspired one with a V-neck and big buttons.

They are totally work friendly

Finding something comfortable to wear when you have a formal dress code at work can be hard, but a cashmere cardigan will pass muster and feel like heaven. Try one over a simple shift dress or wear a cardigan with a matching shell along with a pencil skirt or a pair of black trousers. A longer one can even take the place of a blazer and will feel so much better than something stiff and tight.

Cashmere can be dressed up or down

When worn with the right items, a cashmere cardigan works for any occasion. If you’re hitting up that hot new restaurant, wear one over your favorite dress and you’ll be set. On the weekends, try your cardigan with a tee and skinny jeans. And cashmere is perfect for those events that fall between fancy and casual by adding a refined touch to any outfit, whether it’s leggings and a blouse or a tank top and a flowing skirt.

They are so warm

Some of the nicest pieces of clothing in your closet probably aren’t very practical (hello, spaghetti strap dress), but cashmere is incredibly warm, making it a winter-must have. A sweater made from high-quality cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than one made from sheep’s wool. Since cashmere is incredibly light, you can even layer than cardigan without looking big or bulky.

It stands the test of time

A simple cardigan never goes out of style and can be worn alongside trendy pieces when you want to update your look. This amazing fiber is also incredibly durable. When cared for properly, cashmere can last for decades – up to 30 years is not unheard of – and it can actually get softer over time. Always store your cardigan in a cool, dry place; an acid-free garment bag or box is best. And use something to keep the moths away, like a sachet filled with fragrant lavender, mint and thyme.


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