The Best Beach Game Outfits

The Best Beach Game Outfits

Spending a day at the beach during the summer is one of the best activities to do as a family. You can all spend time together, soak up the sun, splash in the water, and play lots of games! The beach is the perfect place for outdoor games like volleyball, frisbee, cornhole, and tug of war. But when you’re playing games in the summer sun, it’s easy to work up a sweat and get overheated.

So what should you wear to stay cool and comfortable but still enjoy the sun and the sand? Your everyday beachwear or swimsuits might not be the best for running around, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear regular clothes either.

When you’re playing games on the beach, you want to be able to move freely while staying protected from the sun. But you also want the option to switch between games, swimming, and lounging on your beach towel. That means the best beach game outfits should be practical and comfy.

Keep reading to find out the best beach game outfits for every family member!


Quick-Dry Board Shorts

Women’s shorts are perfect for games on the beach. But not just any pair of shorts will do. Try to find something that you can swim in without staying soaked forever. The best solution is a pair of quick-dry board shorts. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and will dry in no time. So you can go from the water to the sand without waiting to dry off in between.

Swim Leggings and Skirt Combo

Usually, you might choose a cute beach coverup or vacation clothing to stroll around in, but these options probably won’t give you the movement you need. But if you still want to wear a skirt, choose athletic skirts instead, and we have the perfect one for you. The swim leggings and skirt combo are not only stylish, but they will allow you to run, jump, and play any beach games you want without feeling restricted.

Short-Sleeve Tankini Top

Tankinis are a flattering top for any two-piece swimsuit, but one with a V-neck or thin spaghetti straps probably won’t give you the support you need for getting active. Swap out your regular tankini top with a short sleeve option for beach games. This will provide you with modest coverage while still allowing you to catch some sunshine, and they work great with the leggings and skirt combo!


Short-Sleeve Swim Tee

Playing beach games in the sun all day can quickly dehydrate you and damage your skin. That’s why it’s essential to try and prevent sunburns and rashes. The best way to do that is with a lightweight rash guard swim tee. Men’s t-shirts for swimming will keep you cool but also give you the freedom to move around anyway you want.

Quick-Dry Cargo Swim Trunks

Men’s shorts are the best for summertime activities, but they’re not always great for the beach. Sand, sun, and salt water can wear down fabric and cause discoloration, so you want something that’s just for swimming. A pair of quick-dry cargo swim trunks are the perfect solution. The pockets make them more functional, and the quick-dry material will allow you to seamlessly switch from swimming to beach games. Wear them with a rash guard tee for comfort, style, and protection.


Terry Cloth Romper

For girls, a terry cloth romper is an excellent choice that’s versatile and cozy. It’s ideal for throwing on over a damp swimsuit, and the terry cloth material will help them dry off quickly. A casual, comfy romper like this is just what they need to run around for a while, making it easy to switch back to swimming.

Boy Short Swim Bottoms

Girls’ shorts will allow them to run around, play beach games, and stay active, but boy short swim bottoms are even better. These provide full coverage and can be worn in or out of the water, making it easy to enjoy some family activities at the beach and swim.


Cargo Pocket Swim Trunks

Boys can benefit from a versatile pair of cargo shorts swim trunks too. The roomy pockets allow them to carry things like seashells or small toys, but they can swim and play in them easily too. This is the best pair of swim shorts for a day of swimming and enjoying beach games.

Short-Sleeve Rash Guard Shirt

Rash guards are good for the entire family, especially energetic little boys. A short-sleeve rash guard shirt will protect their delicate skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays while helping them stay cool. It will also help prevent rashes caused by saltwater or chlorine. For added protection, get them a long-sleeve rash guard shirt instead.

Stick with these swimwear styles to feel comfortable all summer long while you’re playing beach games with your family and friends.


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