Best Animal Prints for DIY Halloween

The Best Animal Prints for DIY Halloween

Planning to put together your own handmade DIY costume for Halloween parties this year? Or you aren’t dressing up this year but still want to wear outfits that are fun, trendy, and fit for all Halloween festivities? Cue animal prints. Whether you are putting on a costume or not, animal prints are great for Halloween parties and other fall outings. Honestly, it’s the kind of style that can be worn any time of year, but in this post, we are focusing on the Halloween season. Take a look at some of the best animal prints for every Halloween activity you have planned.

A Leopard Print Vest for the Haunted House

Taking the kids to a local haunted house or going to something even spookier for a girls’ night out? Dress up in a chic leopard print vest layered over a long-sleeved shirt of your choice. Since you will already be wearing prints with a vest, the base layer should be something solid colored. For dramatic effect, consider a long-sleeved black turtleneck with the leopard print vest over top. For the bottoms, blue skinny jeans or black pants are usually the comfiest, most stylish choices that coordinate well with the top. Finally, for footwear, try black suede ankle boots with a comfortable, small heel.

A Faux Fur Coat for the Halloween Parties

Say you aren’t 100% committed to any Halloween costume this year but you still want to be festive and celebratory. What should your go-to be? Why not try a faux fur coat in any animal print? Leopard print is the most popular of all animal prints, but if you feel like being daring, try a black-and-white cow print faux fur coat. That way, when anyone asks you who you dressed up as, you can respond slyly with, “Cruella de Vil,” before laughing boisterously and tossing back your martini (to stay in character, of course).

Or Put All the Emphasis on Your Footwear

One way to make a bold fashion statement is to not concern yourself with the entirety of your outfit at all and instead place all the emphasis on your footwear. This is a case of “less is more.” If you are going for a sophisticated and mysterious vibe for a Halloween party and can’t decide on any particular costume (or you just aren’t that interested in dressing up in one), stick to a simple, monochromatic outfit. When in doubt, go with all black. A black leather jacket and black jeans combo is incredibly flattering and exudes power. If you pair the look with some black leather boots with or without a heel, you can nonchalantly tell people you are a Russian spy or a biker. Otherwise, stick with one color for the entire outfit and make your footwear colorful and dramatic, like cheetah print heels or snakeskin boots. Oh, the endless costume opportunities that can come simply from the footwear style you choose.

Accessories With Animal Prints

Animal print accessories are fabulous, so if you want to dress up a Halloween costume or outfit with them, you are going to have a lot of variety to work with. Maybe it’s a simple zebra- or cheetah-print scarf you can add to your outfit for more dimension. Or perhaps it’s a cute animal print handbag that accentuates the rest of your Halloween outfit. Animal prints have become so popular over the years that you can find an animal print version of just about anything: jewelry, wristwatches, sunglasses, scrunchies, headbands, and more. If you are making a DIY Halloween costume, maybe do a nostalgic throwback ’80s outfit with lots of animal print accessories. It’s very much a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” type of outfit.

Animal Print Halloween Jammies

Not all Halloween costumes and Halloween-themed outfits are for parties, public events, and other wild nights out. Sometimes the best Halloween activity is inviting your girlfriends over for wine, Halloween snacks, and scary movies. And that kind of fun evening would not be complete without festive women’s loungewear outfits, like animal print pajamas. Throw on your favorite cheetah print onesie to stay cozy and look festive all night.

A Formal Halloween Getup

Whether you are just grabbing dinner with friends at an upscale restaurant and want everyone to know you are a full-on Halloween enthusiast or you are attending a dressier, slightly more formal Halloween party, why not dazzle everyone with a classically stunning animal print dress? It’s an iconic look, especially in a print like cheetah, and it can be left alone as it is with a strappy pair of heels or accessorized with jewelry, a jacket, women’s blouse or women’s sweater, and a chic purse. Nothing like an animal print dress to put you in the party mood, especially during the spookiest time of year.

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