10 Ways to Style Your Outfit With Flannel

10 Ways to Style Your Outfit With Flannel

The flannel shirt is the epitome of the fall season. Flannel is a closet staple for a good reason. There are so many ways to wear flannel, from buttoning it up and tucking it neatly into your jeans or wearing it nonchalantly by unbuttoning it over a T-shirt. If you’re ready to ramp up your style and are interested in ways to fit flannel into the warmer seasons, check out these 10 ways to style your outfit with flannel.

Flannel on Flannel

You don’t just have to stick to one flannel shirt or jacket. Just like denim on denim, flannel on flannel is THE new it look. Put on boots and tuck your flannel shirt into a high-waisted pencil skirt for a fashion-forward fall look. If you don’t want to get lost in all that flannel, consider unbuttoning the first few tops to accentuate your curves and collarbone. Roll up the sleeves and add a necklace.

Add Color

For a bold look for spring or summer flannel (yes, it’s possible!), go for pastel colors in juxtaposition with your flannel piece. Your flannel shirt would go wonderfully with pastel pants as a statement. While you’re at it, why not go full-on neon? If you love flannel but don’t want to completely look like a lumberjack, then pair your flannel shirts with neon skirts or pants. Too shy to go out in public in neon? Then wear your flannel pajamas in the comfort of your home and wear a neon or pastel scrunchie.

Slip Into a Dress

Believe it or not, you can wear a dress with flannel. Simply throw on a slip dress underneath an oversized plaid flannel on top. It’s a chic way to wear summer dresses in the colder months. It’s so fun to layer with what’s already in your closet. While you’re at it, turn two flannel plaid shirts into a DIY mini-dress. All you need to do is button one up as you normally would and wear it as a top. Then take the other and knot it around your waist. Simply button down the bottom and throw on your favorite pair of women's shorts, and you’ve got your own flannel dress!

Fall Palette

If you’re looking to stay warm this fall and also epitomize your fall look, then opt for sherpa-lined flannel for a warm, layered look. For pumpkin spice and everything nice, tuck your flannel top into a pair of copper corduroys. You can make it pop with a yellow purse and kitten heels.

Fringe and Accessories

For a little edge to your flannel style, throw on an oversize fringe jacket over your top. Tall combat boots enhance the edgy look and keep it versatile. Have fun and play with accessories. Throw on a chunky knit beanie to keep you warm while wearing a wool flannel jacket, platform boots, and cropped denim. You’ll be the coolest biker chick in town with a retro leather jacket and black cargo denim pants with your flannel top. Everybody’s favorite accessory, the belt, comes into play when you put it on pants with your flannel. Or simply throw a belt around the mid-section of an oversized flannel to turn it into a dress.

Sweater Vest

If you’re going for that dark academia look, there’s no better choice than layering flannel tunics with a sweater vest. With both the flannel and the sweater vest, you’ll be honing in on fall’s biggest trends.

’90s Grunge

Channel your inner ’90s grunge lover by wearing your flannel with chunky boots or platforms and a dark pleated skirt. Think burgundy and deep red. It’s time to go back to black. You can even wear a peasant skirt or any fun spring or summertime skirt, with a flannel, choker, and sneakers for true ’90s vibes.

Clean and Minimalist

Wear an oversize flannel with a pair of wide-leg jeans, a solid bodysuit, and nude heels as you go about town. Add a light knit turtleneck underneath your slightly unbuttoned flannel for that perfect layered fall look for chilly days. Look crisp and clean by buttoning your flannel all the way up to the collar. Layer it with an oversize wool coat and white sneakers. While it has that same laid-back feel as athleisure, it’s so much chicer.

Going Back to Basics

Last but not least, there’s no shame in going back to basics when it comes to styling flannel. Stay simple and wear denim with your flannel. The most important thing when it comes to flannel is that you feel confident and comfortable. Sometimes that means simply throwing a flannel robe over yourself and calling it a day.

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