10 Alternative Ways to Spend New Years Eve

10 Alternative Ways to Spend New Years Eve

If you’ve been trying to figure out your New Year’s Eve plans, skip the overpriced New Year’s Eve Party. Read on for 10 alternative ways to spend your NYE at half the price and twice the fun.

Host a Virtual Event

Let’s say you have family and friends who live too far away to visit. There are plenty of benefits that come with hosting a virtual event. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones driving home after a night of drinking. You only have to make enough food and drinks for your home. No one has to know you’re still eating all those Christmas candies. You can wear a nice top and pajamas on the bottom, and no one will know or care.

Create Your Own Cocktail Menu

Make sure you have all the dinnerware and drinkware you need to go along with your fancy homemade cocktails. The food and drinks will taste better when you’re serving them in glassware and displaying them on plates and boards that look like you went to a five-star dining experience.

Plan a Virtual Wine Tasting

If you love the thought of creating your own cocktails for NYE, you’ll love a virtual wine tasting experience. Plan to get the same bottles as your friends and vice versa so you all can enjoy 5-6 of the same types of wines and varietals. Talk about the flavors and enjoy swirling your glass from the comfort of your couch.

Living Room Slumber Party

To make sure everyone is super comfy, make sure you get plenty of pillows, blankets, and comforters. Make a blanket and pillow fort. Your living room slumber party can be comfortable yet functional. Now is the time to get a cozy throw and any of our fleece blankets. You’ll love the rich and lush textures of all of your blanket and pillow fort.

Bake to your Heart’s Content

Fire up the oven and get ready to have a bake-off. Make it a baking contest for the whole family. See who can make the best brownies or mini cupcakes. If you want a leg up on the competition, it’s all about the presentation. Showcase your baked goodies in the Napa Home and Garden Arien wood tray with a glass cloche. This cloche comes in a classic dome shape with a simple handle to reveal your treats. It also makes for easy entertaining any time of year when you and your family aren’t battling over the oven mitts.

Sing Your Heart Out

Get a karaoke machine or microphone and spend the night singing all your favorite hits. Record them on your phone for prosperity, or dare to upload them on TikTok for the world to enjoy your rendition of “American Pie.” Dress for style and comfort in any of our long-sleeved flannel shirts. If you want to do a video of you and your friends in matching outfits, go for matching men’s plaid shirts or Christmas matching pajamas before the clock strikes midnight.

Make it a Game Night

Break out the board games and make it a game night at home. Check out all of our games. We have plenty of options for kids that you’ll enjoy playing too. Try the Kalalou wooden tic-tac-toe game, which serves as beautiful table décor while simultaneously being a functional excuse to play tic-tac-toe with wooden x’s and o’s. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep clean.

Create a Scrapbook or Vision Board

Reflect on the past year by putting together a scrapbook. Make a vision board for what you imagine the New Year will look like for you or whatever you wish to manifest and accomplish in the next 12 months. Grab some magazines or other catalogs you have lying around the house. Cut out any images and words that speak to you and glue them onto a colorful poster board. Print out photos ahead of time and start scrapbooking. Add glitter, stickers, or whatever else you got from the arts and crafts store.

Spend it Outside

Get some fresh air for New Year’s Eve and stare up at the stars. Especially if you live in an area where you can see the stars at night, and if the forecast calls for a clear and cloudless evening, you’ll love looking up at the sky and pointing out different constellations. If you dare to go outside and brave the cold, you’ll need to make sure you’re bundled up and ready for whichever way the weather turns. When in doubt, grab one of our women’s Squall® 3 in 1 waterproof winter long coats with a hood. It’s designed with a warm, quilted inner jacket and a windproof and waterproof shell. This combination makes for the Squall® 3 in 1. Each piece has its own pockets, so you actually get two coats in one. They’re great on their own but even better together. Be sure to check out all of our warmest winter coats before you go outside.

Watch the NYC Ball Drop

You don’t have to sit freezing in the middle of Times Square to enjoy the New Year. Just watch it from the comfort of home in your slippers. You’re there with VIP seats to all the entertaining musical performances.

Whatever you choose to do this holiday season, just make sure you’re doing what you really want to do. Have fun and create memories. We wish you a Happy New Year!


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