5 Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

5 Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts for the End of the School Year

As the school year comes to a close, you may have a lot on your mind. You’ll likely be focused on things like summer activities for the kids and things you can do together as a family. But you may also want to give some thought to your little ones’ teachers who worked so hard throughout the school year. This is a great time to show your appreciation for their efforts, care, and kindness. While all gifts are appreciated, many teachers might be tired of mugs, candles, and customized teacher decor. From tech laptop bags to accessories, we've thought of five new and thoughtful gift ideas to consider giving as the school year wraps up.

A Quality Bag

Sturdy bags of all kinds are a hot commodity for busy teachers who pack theirs to the hilt every day. It can be difficult to comfortably haul those items back and forth day after day. If you know that your child’s favorite teacher doesn’t have a comfortable bag — or could simply benefit from an upgraded model to make life a little easier — consider surprising them with a high-quality carryall.

You have a wide variety of options to consider. You might choose a sturdy canvas tote bag, for example, with an open-top if they need something that they can conveniently reach inside of at any given moment. Even a backpack can be a practical choice for teachers. If you go that route, look for extra features that will come in particularly useful to instructors, like zippered pockets for small items and padded compartments for tablets and laptops. A tech bag is also a great choice for the teacher who’s always on the go and constantly totes around charging cables and electronic devices.

A Hand Towel

At the end of the year, everyone wants to celebrate the start of summer! Stick with that theme by surprising your child’s teacher with a set of high-quality monogrammed hand towels. This is the type of gift that’s just right because it shows an extra degree of appreciation for a person who has played such a vital role in your child’s life throughout the year.

To keep it seasonal, opt for a light and airy color, like white, sky blue, or yellow. Try one made with organic cotton if you know the teacher is particularly committed to eco-friendly practices, or opt for a Supima cotton model that feels as soft as a blanket. No matter which you select, you can be certain that your child’s teacher will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful end-of-year gift.

A Comfy Polo

If the teacher happens to be a summer school teacher or a camp counselor, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable men’s or women’s polo shirt. Opt for something simple and comfortable — a classic and neutral top that goes great with everything from crisp shorts to chino pants is always a welcome piece.

Bear in mind that clothing is a very personal type of gift. If you and your child’s teacher are on close terms and you have a solid relationship outside of the classroom, this may be a more appropriate option in that case. Otherwise, stick with a more traditional teacher gift idea.

A Personalized Scarf

Sure, the end of the school year isn’t quite the time to start thinking about the holiday season, but time flies — and before you know it, you’ll be digging through the closet and pulling out the kids’ winter boots and down coats. Why not give your child’s teacher something they’ll use continuously, even after your child has left the classroom?

Winter accessories, like monogrammed scarves or cozy gloves, make a thoughtful option, especially if you live in a notoriously cold region. Teachers appreciate the personal touch very much, and this is something that they’ll actually be able to use for years and years —and treasure for a lifetime.

A Relaxation Gift

When you don’t know what to give, simply give the gift of a good time. Teachers are busier than ever, and at the end of the school year, they finally have a chance to unwind and relax. Help them prepare for some much-needed downtime by creating a movie basket. Fill an empty tub with packages of microwaveable popcorn and candy, plus a gift card to a local theater chain.

Another option is a gift card to a nearby coffee shop. Tuck it into a cute gift card box or small gift bag. Have your child make a handmade card to go with it! The idea is to surprise the teacher with something that shows how much you value and appreciate their efforts throughout the year. Any type of token — big or small — will mean the world to them.


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