Why Tankinis Are Perfect for Your Next Trip

Why Tankinis Are Perfect for Your Next Trip

Tankinis have made a comeback in a big way. They now come in so many shapes, styles, and colors so there’s no reason not to have at least three in your wardrobe. For this swim season, you’ll want to make sure you pack your favorite tankini for your getaway. Aside from their versatility, here are some more reasons why we love tankinis for our swim-o-riffic vacays.

Perfectly Packable Swimwear that You’ll Love

Packing your bathing suit for your vacay ensures you can make a splash. But when it comes to choosing which bathing suit to pack, you’ve got to have tankini swimsuits on your list. Are they a bit bulkier than a triangle top bikini? Sure, but what they lack in size, they make up for in versatility. Tankinis can be worn as a shirt to your fav beachside cafe. They also offer superior sun protection so you don’t need to pack 10 different swim cover-ups and a lot of extra clothing.

The Hottest New Bikini Trend Is Here

This season’s bikinis offer up flattering silhouettes for everyone, from the glam goddess to the sporty gal. You can opt for high necklines, plunging V-necks, or even sleeved crop tops for your next tankini. With so many hot styles this season, it’ll be hard to choose just one. Go for the style that fits your activity. If you’re a beach lounger (anyone got a good book and an iced tea with sand in your toes?) then you may want something that shields you from the sun’s rays. If you’re active—say you love long-distance swimming—then select a tankini that moves with you and stays put. Opt for a sportier look like a sports-bra style. This year, a lot of tankinis feature sleeves. Think of them like a rash guard that doubles as a supportive top.

Variety of Styles for a Range of Coverage

Does coverage have you concerned? Then the tankini is the ultimate design for modest swimsuits. All the varying styles mean you’re spoiled with options. For women who want the support but not the skin-tight fabric, choose a tankini style that has a built-in wire and a flowy bottom half for an effortless, blowing-in-the-wind poolside vibe. Other options for tankinis also give you coverage where you want it. For example, pair a top with an adorable swim skirt that’s both fashion-forward and chic.

But wearing a tankini top doesn’t mean you can’t show a little skin either. You can find suit styles ranging from deep V cuts to fully opened backs. Ruched sides are another way to tease a little skin as well. The crop top is a popular choice in tankini style. You’ll get some coverage but aren’t committed to a ton of fabric. These styles come in a variety of neckline types so you can choose the cut that suits your body best and makes you feel confident.

Dress It Up or Down for the Boardwalk

Two-pieces give you added movement and versatility of styles (mix and match anyone?) but the tankini goes the extra mile with doubling as a shirt. Not sure if you want to stop by your room before you walk the boardwalk? Going on a hike to a secret swimming hole? Tankinis are ready for whatever the day brings. What sets the tankini apart from other two-piece bathing suits is that tankini tops can double as a shirt. Yup, say goodbye to lugging around lots of layers and say hello to the all-in-one shirt that can swim, hike, bike, run, and relax. It’s what makes the tankini such an excellent option for travel. You’ll have less in your suitcase (ahem—more room for souvenirs) and less to fret about. You’ll also save time since you won’t have to change on the go or head back to your accommodation.

Cute Prints and Colors for a Fresh Swim Season

Your favorite tankini now comes in so many different patterns, colors, and prints it’ll be hard to buy just one! Choose whichever colors and patterns bring a smile to your face. Remember, you can wear whatever suits your personality, so don’t limit yourself to just one color. Try a variety. When you’re packing for a vacay, look for colors and patterns that go well with the rest of your wardrobe. The more you can double up on outfits, the more space you’ll save in your suitcase. Try to choose two different suits that go with your wardrobe, so if one is wet or dirty, you’ve got a fresh backup.

Make a splash on your next vacay with an array of cute tankinis you won’t want to take off. Choose colors, styles, and cuts that match your personality and make you feel like your most authentic self.


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