6 Must-Have Essentials To Pair With a White Dress

6 Must-Have Essentials To Pair With a White Dress

Women’s dresses are a year-round staple for any occasion. The classic white dress gives you a clean slate to work with. There are endless ways to style and accessorize your favorite white dress, from booties to cardigans. Need a little inspiration to get started? We’ve got a round-up of must-have essentials to wear with your favorite white dresses.

1. Footwear that Shines

Shoes are like the icing on the cake. They put a look together and truly set the mood. When it comes to the right shoes to wear with a white dress, the sky is the limit. First, choose a color scheme. White goes with anything, so pick a color that suits your mood. Patterns and prints add intrigue to your look. Footwear styles can vary depending on the weather (and what you like of course). For instance, ankle-high booties in neutral colors evoke bohemian vibes with a shorter or even calf-length dress, while heels create a sleek feel. For a more office-casual look, your favorite flats or wedges put a little pep in your step. Choose footwear that brings your dress alive, feels comfortable, and shows off your unique style.

2. Accessorize with a Pop

White makes a beautiful backdrop for statement pieces. Plus size dresses in white pair nicely with a drop necklace or even a chunky necklace in bold colors. The colors pop against the white fabric, allowing you to create virtually any mood you’d like. Mix and match bracelets, necklaces, and bold earrings to create a fun, flirty look with your white dress. Jewelry offers up a great way to accessorize and add a little personality to your favorite white dress.

3. Shawls and Scarves

As the temps cool, shawls and women’s scarves not only bring you a little bit of warmth but also set the mood for your outfit too. Scarves come in virtually every color and design, all of which will pair with a white dress. Choose a scarf that fits the style of your dress or a shawl that matches your favorite handbag. For functional accessories, you’ll want to pay attention to the material and weather. Cold weather demands a warm fabric such as cashmere or wool, while a breezy fall day is a perfect time to wrap up in your linen scarf and gauze headband. Overall, you’ll find that with cooler weather, you can complement any white dress.

4. Your Favorite Cardigan

Cardigan sweaters are a working woman’s best friend. Why? They are a quick and functional layer to add to any dress attire. When the office AC blasts too hard, simply slip on your favorite cardigan for a quick boost of warmth. Again, choose any color. We suggest trying to match a few of your accessories, or even your footwear. Long cardigans are great for cold weather days. A more cropped and fitted cardigan looks great with higher waisted dresses for a look that puts some pep in your step. Overall, choose a sweater that keeps the cold at bay and reflects your style.

5. Leggings You Love

For a layered, winter-ready look, consider wearing a pair of leggings underneath your white dress. Choose a color other than white, such as a navy blue, teal, or hunter green. This gives your look some depth and also keeps you warm. Of course, you can combine leggings with other accessories such as shawls, cardigans, and scarves. Create a complete and complementary look with leggings in different colors to go with any accessory.

6. Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are a fun and flirty way to spruce up any white dress. Don’t be shy about your headwear -- go for something with personality. Choose hats with accents such as bows, ribbons, and feathers. A wide-brimmed sunhat adds the perfect accent to a white dress in spring and summer. Fedoras are also an on-trend accessory that puts a bit of personality into your outfit. Opt for natural materials such as wools and other natural fibers. Or go all-out with spunky colors that shout across the room. Keep it fun and you’ll be smiling as wide as the brim on your sunhat.

Overall, styling a white dress is a breeze. Pick and choose your favorite accessories for a fashion-forward look. Choose footwear that matches the weather and your mood. For cooler days, don’t forget about wooly, warm accents that make you want to snuggle up with a warm beverage. White dresses provide the perfect canvas to show off your unique and beautiful personality. So go ahead and let your best assets shine with these styling tips for white dresses.


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