Switch Things Up with These 5 Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

Switch Things Up with These 5 Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

It’s wedding season! Whether you love big weddings or more intimate affairs, when it’s your wedding, you get to choose. Let’s look at some nontraditional wedding options for you and your fiancé.

Tiny Wedding

These days anything smaller than 50 guests is a “micro wedding.” Depending upon your preferences, why not consider a tiny wedding (i.e., even smaller)? If you have always thought that eloping was a romantic idea, the two of you don’t want a big wedding (or the cost or all of the planning that goes into one), or you just love the idea of a tiny wedding in a place that is special to the two of you whether that is your own home or a beautiful beach, a tiny wedding might be for you.

Weddings that include just the immediate family (or not) can require a bit of diplomacy, but they can also create an easier narrative for those who aren’t invited. Of course, you love your cousin whom you haven’t seen in years. But you’re having a tiny wedding, so you’ll send them wedding pics online and enjoy visiting with them in person on another occasion when all of you will have more time.

No Tuxedo or White Wedding Dress Required

Tuxedos for men and white wedding dresses for women are traditional in western cultures, but what you wear is your choice. In many cultures, women wear red on their wedding day as a symbol of joy. Some guys love the traditional tuxedo, but others, not so much.

Whether you have a bride and groom, two brides, or two grooms for your wedding, the two of you should get to wear wedding attire that makes you feel wonderful. This could be anything from matching men’s T-shirts and jeans to special occasion dresses and men’s suits to full-on formalwear. If you have naysayers in your family or friend group, politely explain to them (only once!) that it’s your choice and then move forward.

Have a Family Member or Friend Officiate

Many couples assume that they will have a traditional religious leader or judge officiate at their wedding, but this isn’t required. Double-check what is required by law in your state, but in most instances, an adult who is ordained to perform weddings (which can be as simple as filling out an online form with a given ministry) can officiate at your wedding. If you go this route, make sure that your officiant will be comfortable performing in this role and plan all required paperwork.

Another option (if it is available to you) is to ask a judge or religious leader whom you know personally to perform the wedding. This can be a meaningful way to have someone who has been a part of your life share in your special day. If this person is a member of a specific religious organization, be sure to respect their requirements and beliefs in this matter. They may only marry people who belong to their specific religious tradition. Ask in advance and respect the answer, whether it’s in your favor or not.

Tennis or Golf Anyone?

You can get married in a white dress, a white tuxedo, or a women’s polo shirt and women’s shorts if you like. If you and your fiance share a love of a specific sport or pastime, why not work that into your day? Perhaps you can get married at the clubhouse after 9 holes or enjoy the ceremony and then get out on the court.

If you opt for an unusual venue like this, make sure to plan to ensure that you’ll have the ceremony and celebration you both have in mind. Will the wedding party and guests be the only ones at the venue during the time of the wedding and ceremony? You can probably arrange this, and it would give you a level of privacy that you might prefer.

Small-Group Wine Tasting Instead of a Reception

If you and your fiancé enjoy wine, consider a small group wine tasting instead of a traditional reception. Especially for a micro wedding, this is a unique option that will give everyone involved a nice departure from a sit-down dinner followed by dancing to the YMCA or the chicken dance. Many wineries, restaurants, and liquor stores can accommodate this type of request if they have plenty of advanced notice. You could even have a small table available for wedding gifts.

This one requires an adults-only reception and sober rides home (or back to the hotel) for everyone. Be sure to respect any teetotalers or those who are in recovery in your group. Their needs could range from sticking to non-alcoholic beverages to even skipping the reception. If anyone volunteers to be a designated driver, that’s great, but don’t expect it from any of your wedding party members or guests. Have a professional ride service ready instead so everyone can celebrate in their own style.

Enjoy your wonderful nontraditional wedding!


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