Swimsuits to Live in All Summer

Swimsuits to Live in All Summer

Don’t you love those summer days when you can slow down and just enjoy friends, family, and great weather? And, of course, swimming! Whether you are into sunning, swimming, or lounging, you’ll want swimsuits to live in all summer long. Here are some of our favorites.

One-Piece Swimsuit

This summer wardrobe staple is a classic because it is comfy and will keep you looking great. For a little more support, consider an underwire swimsuit. You’ll want a one piece bathing suit for women that will move with you and keep you secure both in the water and out.


Tankini swimsuits are one of the comfiest styles around! They are kind of like wearing your favorite camisole with swim trunks while having the advantage of staying a bit more covered than with many swimsuit styles.

Black Swimsuit

If you are looking for a sophisticated fashion statement for the pool or beach, look no further than a black swimsuit. Pair one with a white beach cover-up for a head-turning ensemble. You can also toss a midi skirt or maxi skirt over a black swimsuit and have an instant outfit that can take you from the beach to the boardwalk.

Swim Dress

Swim dresses have become popular of late, and no wonder! They are lovely, comfy, and allow you to move however you choose while staying as covered as you want to be. Especially if you get the privilege of keeping up with kids or grandkids on the beach, you will appreciate a swim dress. You’ll look and feel great whether you are building sandcastles, carrying little ones or beach bags, or enjoying a rare moment of blissful rest with your toes in the sand.

Swim dresses are also a fun option for water exercise classes or swimming laps when you get a chance to focus on yourself and your own fitness at the pool. They allow you to enjoy your chosen activity without even thinking about your suit—and that’s how it should be.

Sun Protection Swimwear

If you spend much time in the sun, consider sun protection swimwear. From rash guards that keep the UV rays away from greater areas of your skin to chlorine-resistant suits, these are the workhorses of your summer wardrobe. A couple of these, and you will be ready for anything from a fun afternoon out to a vacation where you will always want to have one dry swimsuit in the wings while the other one is hanging up after being washed or rinsed out.

Men’s Swimsuits

Don’t forget the guys when planning family swimwear! Make sure your partner or teen sons are ready for the sun and the surf, too. Especially if you are planning a vacation, it doesn’t hurt to check in with family members about when they last tried on their favorite swimsuits. A new size or style may be in order, and it’s best to shop early.

Kids’ Swimsuits

Kids grow out of swimsuits just as fast as every other garment. Before the season starts, check if last year’s suits are in good shape and still fit (or might fit a younger sibling). If new kids’ swimsuits are on your shopping list, start with their current measurements and choose a time to try on swimsuits when it will be easy for both of you. For littles, after nap time can work well. For older kids, make sure to give them the privacy they need, but have them model any suit they would like to buy so you can make sure it fits well while leaving a bit of room to grow and meeting your family’s comfort level for swimsuit dress codes.

Water Shoes

If you will be swimming anywhere besides a pool where you can see the bottom and have easy walking paths to the pool ladder, consider water shoes. A little protection can go a long way to keep the fun going. No one wants discomfort or possible injuries from summer fun. We often think of little ones when it comes to water shoes, but adults deserve just as much protection and comfort (and could be carrying little ones over rocky areas or seashells to boot).

Beach Bags

When you are checking family swimsuits, don’t forget to check beach bags. Do you have enough that are in good shape for transporting extra clothes, water bottles, sunscreen, pool toys, kids’ necessities, and beach towels? If not consider choosing a new one at the beginning of the summer to make those lazy days easier by staying organized. Always choose a beach bag that can handle the realities of wet swimsuits, sand, and occasional stains. One that can be easily wiped down or even machine washed will make your time by the water better.

With a bit of planning, you will have swimsuits to live in all summer.


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