Swimsuits That Love the Water – and the Earth

Swimsuits That Love the Water – and the Earth

Here’s an idea that holds water: Lands’ End dipped its toes into the eco-friendly pool with swimsuits made from more sustainably sourced materials. We worked alongside a company called Unifi; a business that brings value-added products to the textile industry. Unifi makes REPREVE® fibers that are produced from recycled materials, including plastic bottles! The company has recycled over 20 million plastic bottles to date. Making REPREVE® fibers is better for the environment, too – emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving energy and water in the process.

Which Lands’ End Swimsuits are Made with Recycled Materials?

We’ve incorporated sustainable materials into tankini swimsuits, one-pieces, and bikini bottoms. Each recycled polyester suit and style is created from fibers made from recycled plastic. We are proud to be using REPREVE® fibers to repurpose fan-favorite swim styles to include sustainable materials without sacrificing quality. Everything you know and love about Lands’ End swimsuits are still there – we’ve maintained stretch, wicking properties, UPF 50 protection, and chlorine-resistance through the fabrication of reclaimed water bottles.

Why Did We Use Recycled Material in These Bathing Suit Designs?

Some of the one-pieces made from recycled plastic are a part of our athletic swimwear line (we’re looking at you, paddle boarders, and swimmers). This is where we first introduced swimwear made from sustainable materials. The yarns in these swimsuits are embedded with wicking properties, are adaptive to warming and cooling, and repel water at the fiber level. REPREVE® recycled fibers are the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials. Not only are these swimsuits helping the environment – they’re reliable, durable and love the water as much as you do. It’s a win-win!

But we couldn’t stop there. The best part about taking sustainable steps is realizing we’re making everything a little better. We added tankinis, bikini bottoms, and more one-pieces to our recycled plastic suit assortment to commit to doing better, one step at a time.

How Many Plastic Bottles Go into Each Bathing Suit?

78% of all of these swimsuits are made from recycled plastic. The numbers range from 3 bottles recycled to make bikini bottoms, 7 for the tankinis, and 8 to 9 for the one-pieces.

What Sizes do These Swimsuits Come In?

Many of the swimsuits made from recycled, sustainable materials come in a range of sizes. You can find our recycled plastic tankinis and bottoms in both Regular and Plus sizes. One-pieces come in a variety of sizes, too, as well as different lengths and bra cup sizes. We even have a mastectomy option made from this recycled material. So, you’ll find an eco-friendly suit that is made for you; we make sure to fit every size, every shape, and every body, all while doing our part to be a more sustainable company.

At Lands’ End, we’ve cemented our commitment to being Lands’ Friendly and sourcing sustainable fabrics. Our founder, Gary Comer, was always interested in the future of our planet, and we’ve been guided to this day to do business while caring for our environment through and through. In 2010, we became a founding and sustaining corporate partner of The Clean Lakes Alliance based in Madison, WI. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to keeping local lakes clean and healthy. Our employees have volunteered to work on restoration projects, fundraisers, and other programs. On our campus, we have a “Share Garden,” where employees and their families can help grow food for local food pantries. We have fruit trees and a compost pile, too! We want to live like it’s Earth Day every day, so at Lands’ End, we live and work Lands’ Friendly.


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