Swimsuits for Post-Mastectomy: Options for Comfort and Confidence

Swimsuits for Post-Mastectomy: Options for Comfort and Confidence

Shopping for a swimsuit after a mastectomy should be an affirming experience that gives you comfort and confidence. The right suit will prepare you to enjoy everything from lounging on the beach to swimming with gusto. Lands’ End has plenty of mastectomy-friendly swimwear options to get you there. Let’s look at some of them!

What Is a Mastectomy-Friendly Swimsuit?

Put simply, if you have had a single, double, or partial mastectomy, you will have specific needs when shopping for a swimsuit that may differ from what you have experienced in the past. These may include preferring a higher or adjustable neckline, a hidden pocket(s) for a swim prosthesis(es), and soft cup bras that smooth and even out the swimsuit silhouette. We have all these options in the full range of styles and colors you crave.

Our mastectomy swimsuits all have hidden prosthesis pockets that can be used (or not) and bra cups that will give you comfort and confidence. Adjustable shoulder straps and ties allow you to tailor the neckline of your suit to your exact preferences by moving the neckline up or down to your comfort level. Our mastectomy-friendly suits are constructed from high-quality fabric and are available with all of the options and styles of all of our other swimsuits, like chlorine-resistant fabric for pool swimmers, fabric with a high SPF built-in for sun lovers, and tummy control if you like a little more support for your middle.

Get Out There and Have Fun!

Do you crave a day to lounge at the beach with a good book or hang by the pool chatting with friends? What about swimming laps, going to a water exercise class, or playing water games with your grandchildren? With the everyday ease that our mastectomy-friendly women’s swimsuits provide, you will be ready for all of the fun activities that you have planned — and not have to think about what you are wearing or how it will fit.

Stylish Suits? Yes, Please!

Unlike in our grandmother’s days, mastectomy-friendly swimwear now comes in an array of styles, colors, and designs. For that matter, all swimwear have more options than in previous generations. Do you like a classic one-piece swimsuit? You can choose a beautiful black, solid color, or a gorgeous design. Do you like swim dresses? They are a great option for a one-piece with a beautiful and more modest cut. Do you prefer a two-piece? Why not consider a tankini? They are comfy and stylish.

The stereotype is that one piece swimsuits are modest and two-piece swimsuits are daring. The reality is that depending on how they are cut, you can adjust the silhouette and level of coverage that you prefer with either one. A one-piece swimsuit with a high neck yet slightly higher-cut legs can give you extra coverage on top while elongating your legs. A longer cut on the bottom of a tankini, or either shorts-styled bottoms or a swim skirt can give you the comfort of a two-piece while looking more modest.

What colors make you feel fabulous? Do you look radiant in the right shade of violet? Do you always get compliments in a certain shade of blue? Do you know just how chic a black swimsuit makes you look? Do you love stripes, polka dots, or florals? Once you have chosen the cut of your suit, be sure to get the color and design you like, too!

Confidence-Inspiring Cover-Ups

When shopping for a swimsuit cover up, you will want coverage to your comfort level, and you will also crave style. Don’t settle for anything less than both. A swimsuit cover-up with a higher cut neckline or lower hem on the bottom will create instant coverage in addition to your suit, but be sure it is comfy and fashionable. A sundress or maxi dress with a loose silhouette can double as a swimsuit cover-up and look fabulous when you are on your way to the pool or the beach. If you choose a dress, make sure it is designed to be easy to get in and out of with either a wider cut that goes over your head or good-quality buttons or zippers. A cover-up with deep pockets can be handy for items like car keys and sunscreen.

Be sure to choose a pretty pair of sandals that will be easy to kick off when it is time to put your feet in the sand. Water shoes will give you extra traction for pools and protect your feet from rocky or uneven surfaces on the beach.

Buying a swimsuit post-mastectomy can be an affirming experience. Give yourself a little time to choose a suit that will give you the comfort and confidence you crave. Have a wonderful summer!


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