Swimsuits for a Late-Spring Beach Vacation

Swimsuits for a Late-Spring Beach Vacation

A late-spring beach vacation? Yes, please! And you know that at Lands’ End, we're experts on swimsuits. No matter what your needs, we have you covered. Let’s look at some options for what will suit you best for your vacation.

Black Swimsuits

If you want to go for a sophisticated look, consider a black swimsuit. They are classic and go with any cover-up or casual outfit that you might want to put over it. Another option is to pair a black swimsuit bottom with a bright swimsuit top for a fun look.

If you opt for all black, plan your beach cover up to look as sophisticated as your suit. All white, all black, or a solid jewel tone can be stunning with a black swimsuit. Keep your beach sandals neutral or matching, too, for the best effect.

Classic One-Piece Swimsuit

You just can’t go wrong with a one piece swimsuit. They're easy, breezy, and give you the coverage that you need to get out there and enjoy the day instead of wondering what your suit is doing. The one piece swimsuit is a classic not just because they have that vintage silhouette but also because they're fabulously comfortable for swimming, playing on the beach, or just lounging with your toes in the sand.

Go for a swimsuit color that works well with your skin and hair. If you aren’t sure what color is best for you, think back to a garment that gives you that “wow” feeling when you put it on and look in the mirror. Checking out seasonal color analysis on the internet can also be fun. Most of us have colors that make us look fabulous and colors that are more “meh.” Go for fabulous—every time.


Why didn’t they invent tankinis sooner? Seriously, they give you beautiful and flattering coverage, couldn’t be more comfortable, and if you like to mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms (either for more accurate sizing or for fashion sense), you have that option built-in. When applying sunscreen when wearing a tankini, more is better. If you're running and playing on the beach, your tank may “shift,” and you'll want to be safe from sunburn as it does.

Maternity Swimsuits

Expecting? Congratulations! Let’s get you suited up for a lovely beach vacation in a maternity bathing suit. Our maternity-friendly swimsuits will keep you comfy and covered as your curves change so you can get out there and enjoy the beach and all the fun, or lounge comfortably with your feet up—your choice!

Some moms-to-be like a tankini because of the fact that you can buy different sizes of tops and bottoms and different levels of “flow” to the tank. Especially if this is your first maternity swimsuit experience, take some time and see what's most comfortable for you. Ask friends what maternity swimsuits they prefer. And of course, Lands’ End has a great return policy, so if you try one of our suits and it doesn’t work out, you can always return it and choose another one.

Best Cover Up Options

The options are endless, but the best swimsuit cover-up is the one that makes you look and feel great. Maybe you like the idea of wearing a sarong like a skirt or dress over your swimsuit. This can give you that beach to the boardwalk option if don’t want to fully change clothes to get a drink, snack, or lunch.

For the ultimate in versatility, consider a T-shirt dress or a caftan as a beach cover-up. You may have a favorite one already hanging in your closet that you wear for loungewear at home or as a dress, but have you thought about its options for beachwear? You can literally go from shopping in town to the beach and back out to dinner with one of these lovelies as a beach cover-up.

And, of course, your standby T-shirt and shorts are always good for a beach cover-up. Just make sure that if your suit is wet, you let it dry before you put shorts on if you plan on going anywhere right away.

Necessary Accessories

Stay safe and comfy out there! When you head to the beach, make sure and throw beach towels, water bottles, and sunscreen into your tote bag. Make sure to keep your favorite sunglasses handy, too. And if you have little ones with you, make sure that everyone reapplies sunscreen often. Children of all ages forget this one, and you want to leave the beach feeling just as great as when you showed up.

Choose a great suit and enjoy that fabulous beach vacation!


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