Finding the Right Swimsuit for DD Cup and Above

Finding the Right Swimsuit for DD Cup and Above

Shopping for the right swimwear when you are a size DD and above can be an adventure. While it may even feel like the perfect DD swimsuits simply don’t exist, that's not true. Fear not! We’ll take any potential stress out of finding swimsuit tops for DD cup and above with this guide to getting the perfect fit.

Know Your Measurements

Before you buy, be sure to get current measurements. You’ll want both the underbust width and bust circumference. Get these by guiding a tape measure under your breasts and then around the largest part of your breast, going all the way around your body. Be sure to take these measurements without a bra on so you can get an accurate fit.

Understanding Straps

It’s important to understand how straps affect your chest support. Typically, smaller straps give less support than thicker ones. If you’ve got a larger bust size, opt for a bathing suit style that sports thicker straps, so the support is spread over more material. You can get wider straps in both underwire one piece swimsuit or bikini styles. Straps that run parallel tend to provide the most support, but go with whatever feels the most comfortable for you.

Feel Secure

Now that you’ve got your measurements, select a suit in your exact sizing. You can opt for any style, as long as the straps provide ample support. You should feel snug and secure. Move your body around while you try on the suit to make sure that you feel confident in your ability to move freely. The more comfortable you are, the less you’ll feel a need to tug and pull at your swimwear.

Find the Cinderella Fit

So you’ve tried on a few DDD swimwear, but are still seeking the right fit. So what do you do? If the underwire or bottom support feels like it’s digging into your breasts, try one cup bigger but keep the same underbust size. This should help alleviate any digging caused by an ill-fitting underwire.

For bathing suits where the bottom seems to be curling up and exposing your breasts underneath, try going up a cup size and again keeping the same underbust size. When trying on tops, put your hands above your head and make motions with your arms as if you were swimming. The perfect fitting bathing suit top will move with your body comfortably, not reveal the underside of your breast or cause pain.

Do I Need an Underwire?

If you feel like you need the support of an underwire swimsuit, then go with what feels best for you. Some bigger-busted women crave that added support, while others don’t. Either option is fine — just make sure the suit you’re wearing provides the support you need. The last thing you want to contend with is bad posture and any back pain, so opt for a top that lets you stand tall and gives that essential support to your chest.

What to Do About Gaps

Ensure a snug, cozy fit by moving around while trying on women's swimsuits. Sit down, stand, twist, and move. If you see the cups pull away from your chest, then the size may be a little large, so opt to drop down a cup size. Keep in mind that all swimwear brands use a different sizing chart, so go for the perfect fit, not the standard size.

What Bikini Top is Best for a DD Bust Size?

Now that you know how to find the perfect fit, what bikini style is best for bigger busts? The answer is whichever one makes you feel good. With so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, the sky is the limit. Try on as many different swimsuits as possible to find the best bikini top for your body.

With these guidelines for finding the perfect swimsuit for your body, you’ll be water-ready this season. Simply keep these sizing tips in mind and search for the swimsuit style that shows off your amazing personality.


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