Swimsuit Guides to Rash Guards for Everyone 2023

Swimsuit Guides to Rash Guards for Everyone 2023

If you love spending time in the sun and believe in taking sun care seriously, consider a rash guard. Rash guards not only give you the protection that you and your family need, but they also look cool, too. Let’s look at rash guards for everyone.

Rash Guards 101

So…what exactly is a rash guard, and what do they do? A rash guard is a fitted top that protects you from the sun and other elements. It can have short or long sleeves and is often made from spandex. You have probably seen surfers wearing rash guards while they are on the water or hanging out on the beach.

A rash guard gives your skin extra coverage to protect you from the sun. Some rash guards even have built-in properties to give them UPF 50+ protection. You can layer one underneath a wet suit as an added layer of warmth and to protect you from rashes (hence the name) and chafing caused by sand or wax residue. They also come in different thicknesses (thermal rash guards are used for water sports where extra warmth is desired).

Rash Guards for Her

If you prefer extra protection from the sun or prefer extra warmth from cold water during water sports or hanging out on the beach, a rash guard may be for you. In addition to its sun and element-protecting features, it also provides more coverage from the waist up than just a swimsuit. Women typically wear a rash guard on top of their regular swimsuit top. A rash guard is form-fitting, but a long-sleeved one could be considered more modest than most swimsuit tops.

It's important to wear sunscreen no matter what type of swimwear or beach cover-up you choose to wear at the pool or beach; however, a rash guard will let you enjoy the sun with a greater level of protection from sunburns. Rash guards are great for boating in addition to water sports like swimming and surfing.

Rash Guards for Him

Guys typically wear rash guards for the same reasons as gals but may enjoy the extra warmth that they provide a bit more. Most guys wear men’s swimsuits that don’t have tops to them, so if you would like extra warmth combined with extra sun protection, you may want to add a rash guard to your swimwear collection. Rash guards also look cool. Whether you are a surfer or just enjoy wearing surfer wear, a rash guard will look sharp.

It's a great idea to experiment with different types of swimwear. A men’s swim shirt is another option that can give you more coverage and sun protection. Be sure to read up on the fabric options concerning UPF protection so you will know and be able to gauge how much additional protection you will get which each garment. Always wear sunscreen. It’s important for you and will make you a great sun care role model for others.

Rash Guards for Kids

Kids love the sun! Parents and caregivers want to indulge them while still protecting them. Rash guards are just a great option for this. They come in a variety of styles—such as cute colors and patterns—fabric thicknesses and protection levels, so there is bound to be a rash guard your child will love to wear. You can even buy toddler rash guards to help keep your littlest ones extra safe from the sun.

Teach them early that wearing sunscreen is just part of what we do at the pool or the beach. With that said, you will want to give them every advantage when it comes to sun care. It’s important to sunscreen early and often by making sure they (and you!) start the day with the proper sunscreen coverage and reapply as necessary. Waterproof sunscreen can be a big help in keeping them correctly covered and cared for. For the littlest ones, it’s always wise to check with your pediatrician for sun safety tips and to see if they have specific sunscreen recommendations.

Shopping for Rash Guards

When shopping for a rash guard, start with the current measurements of the person who will be wearing it. Rash guards should fit snugly but comfortably. It’s a great idea to get everyone’s current measurements when it comes time to buy new family swimwear for the season. You’ll want to make sure that everyone has a swimsuit that fits their current size and style, along with a beach towel. Rash guards, water shoes, and beach cover-ups are all important options to consider. Buy the swimwear combination that meets your family’s needs.

Rash guards can be a great addition to your family’s swimwear. Keep them safe from the fun while they’re having fun!


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