Swimsuit Guide for Women 2023

Swimsuit Guide for Women 2023

Do you have the perfect swimsuit? We all know the feeling of breaking out last year's suits from storage and realizing they either don't fit or are too outdated. The search for the perfect suit starts here. With a vast range of patterns and colors, you'll find the perfect look.

Summer, or your next vacation, is just around the corner, so we've put together the ultimate swimsuit guide for women in 2023. By stocking up on suits for the season, you'll be beach-ready without worrying if last year's bathing suit will fit or is too faded. You'll find many swimsuit styles with durable fabrics that will last for years and provide sun protection.

Every Body is a Beach Body

Every woman's body is different. And we celebrate this uniqueness with a wide variety of bathing suits, offering something for everybody. So no matter your swimsuit goals, we've got the swimsuit for you. Read on to learn more about swimsuits that accommodate pregnancy, mastectomy, full-sized bodies, and various coverage needs.

Selecting the Perfect Suit

Your individual swimsuit needs will depend on your style, coverage, and activity goals. Finding the right suit will be easy once you've decided what it is you are looking for in one.

No matter what you're looking for, quality is a priority. Our swimsuits, made with LYCRA® Xtra Life™ spandex, are designed to last up to 10 times longer than suits made with ordinary spandex.

We all know how strong the chlorine at the pool can be, not only in smell but in its ability to eat away our swimsuits. With chlorine-resistant swimsuits, you won't have to replace your suit every month. These suits resist breakdown not only from chlorine but also sunscreen and sweat. Your swimsuit will keep its shape while keeping you looking good and feeling comfortable!

Two-piece swimsuit tops and bottoms are sold separately to suit your style. That way, you can mix and match colors and patterns. Additionally, separately sold items significantly benefit individuals with sizing that differs from top to bottom, providing the perfect fit.

Level of Coverage

Classic bathing suit styles range from bikinis and tankinis to one-pieces, and the various alterations go from there depending on your needs. Many of us feel a certain way about exposing our mid-section, which is why we offer coverage and tummy control suits that provide firming Slendertex® fabric that smooths and shapes. The same tummy control technology is available in high waist bottoms for two-piece looks. For even more coverage, swim skirts and board shorts offer thigh coverage, reducing sun exposure and providing extra comfort.

While a one-piece swimsuit provides complete coverage of the mid-section, they can get a little too hot in humid climates (like on your next tropical vacation), which is when the tankini comes in handy. With the two-piece option, a tankini provides full belly coverage while giving you more airflow so that heat doesn't get trapped.

Various solutions can provide the proper chest support depending on what you're looking for in a swimsuit. Swimsuits for big busts help to minimize the bust appearance and provide modest coverage when desired and go up to size DDD. Alternatively, bust-enhancing swimwear offers strategic shaping to flatter your curves and boost your bust appearance.

For the Plus Size Queens

You'll be more confident on the beach with an extensive selection of plus-size swimwear. Looser styling flatters while cleverly camouflaging around your middle. Adjustable straps allow for a better, customized fit.

Wearing a Suit After a Body-Altering Surgery

Wearing a swimsuit after a mastectomy can be a transition. When a body changes after a major surgery, your comfort is the ultimate priority, which is why we've created a full line of mastectomy swimsuits to accommodate you. Mastectomy swimsuits are different in that they offer prosthesis pockets so that no one can tell you've had a mastectomy. That way, you're free to enjoy the day in peace.

Swimsuits for When You're Expecting

For our mothers-to-be, maternity bathing suits provide tummy-accommodating waists to make way for your little bundle of joy as she grows all summer long. With extra fabric in the midsection, you'll be able to wear them no matter what trimester.

Rash guards are essential for protecting the chest, back, and arms from getting over-exposed to the sun. These extra soft and lightweight shirts stretch generously to provide room to move and be active throughout the day. If you're someone who tends to forget to reapply sunscreen, a rash guard will at least give you a base coverage so that worst-case scenario, if you fail to reapply every 2-4 hours, your torso is covered with UPF 50 sun protection.

The most important part of your swimsuit search is ensuring you have ultimate comfort and the right coverage that suits you. With a massive selection to choose from, the possibilities are endless.


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