Swimsuit Guide for Men 2023

Swimsuit Guide for Men 2023

Whether you're looking ahead to summer just around the corner or anticipating that upcoming family vacation, finding a swimsuit for yourself or your man can be challenging when there are so many different options. When selecting length and style, it will come to what kind of activities and what feels comfortable to you.

Men's swimwear has a short history. The first recorded instance of a man wearing a swimsuit was in 1869 and seen in a painting by Frédéric Bazille. You'd be surprised to know that some of the first men's swimsuits were "tank suits," solid dark-colored suits covering a man from the torso to the thigh. It wasn't until fabric shortages in the 1940s that swimsuits shortened to just the trunks we're accustomed to seeing on the beach. Fast forward to the present day, there are several swimsuits to choose from, making a trip to the beach a bit of a challenge as you decide what to wear before you go. So, let us make your next trip to the beach a win with comfortable, sun-protective gear that will last season after season.

Swimsuit Essentials

When it comes to a swimsuit, the essential qualifications of the perfect suit are comfort, fit, and style. Thankfully, our swimsuits and rashguards offer SPF 50, so you'll have default protection from the sun all day.

Most men already know whether they're looking for a suit with a liner, and we offer both. It depends on what feels comfortable to you. A drawstring cord will allow for the perfect waist fit providing ultimate comfort.

For more active days, selecting a stretch fabric will make life easier. That way, no matter if you're running down to the water at the beach to catch that perfect wave or doing some yoga on the beach, your swim trunks will work with you.

Protect Your Skin

Significantly reduce your risk of sun skin damage by applying sunscreen. It's always a good idea to bring sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin. Our men's swim trunks are available in 6", 8", and 9" lengths depending on how much thigh you'd like exposed to the sun.

Another hugely important way to protect yourself from the harsh sun is UV sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes and face from exposure.

For those looking to catch the perfect (or decent waves), men's board shorts will make the day a perfect one. With just the right amount of coverage, it protects your thighs from your surfboard and allows for flexibility when surfing.

When it comes to sizing, we got you. Big and tall swim trunks expand sizing options greatly.

After reading up on the various options for bathing suits, know that you can have all the right attributes for the perfect suit without compromising style and individuality. Select from multiple patterns and colors, no matter your aesthetic. Whether you're looking for a solid-colored suit that will be classic and go with any shirt you pair it with or a nautical theme like sailboats or fish, we've got you.

Protect Your Feet

After you've decided on which men's swimsuits serve you best, next up is making sure your feet are covered. Water shoes improve any water experience because they allow for protection while you explore. There's nothing like a pair of water shoes to protect your feet from squishy pond bottoms or barnacle-ridden rocky bottoms along the ocean floor. There are few things worse than stepping on icky things, such as when swimming in a pond where you can't see the bottom and don't know what's below. Water shoes will change the game.

Cover the Torso

After you've figured out what the correct suit will be for your day out and about, and you've got the feet covered with the perfect water shoe, you've got a few more items to bring along. One of those can be vital, particularly for those with easily-burned skin. Men's rash guards can be essential, allowing you to stay out in the sun for longer while providing individual style.

Suits for Boys

Boys swim trunks offer a variety of sizes and, even more importantly, styles and patterns, to honor your kiddo's individuality. No doubt junior needs a new suit after that most recent growth spurt where he outgrew half his wardrobe. When it's going to be challenging to reapply the sunscreen several times in the day, boys rash guards can provide an added layer of protection so that you don't have to worry as much. Of course, bringing a sun tent or umbrella is always a good idea to protect from the sun when it starts to get a little intense.

Whether you need a suit for the next beach party or junior needs a rashguard for his next pool playdate, we've got all the proper suits to give you the right fit and comfort for a great adventure.


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