Swim Style Guide 2023 for Women

Swim Style Guide 2023 for Women

Summer is right around the corner, and we look forward to warmer weather, longer days, and time spent by the water. With the summer season fast approaching, it's time to figure out your swimwear style for the months ahead. We're here to provide you with all the insider info on picking suits perfect for complimenting your shape while providing ultimate comfort and functionality. Read on to discover everything you didn't know you wanted in swim gear.

We love being your reliable information source on the latest swim styles and trends. Good thing we are comfort experts. The bottom line is that you know your body best, which is why we provide the options for what's out there, and you pick what suits your needs the most. The best style swimsuit is the one you feel good in.

Variations on the Classics

Tankini swimsuits with shorts allow versatility and ease of movement for more athletic ventures like kayaking and paddle boarding. One of our favorite new trends is the one-shoulder suit, with keyhole cutouts that provide a cute new variation. Tankinis provide the sought solution for a two-piece that still covers your midsection so you can get airflow while maintaining an added level of coverage.

Pick Unique Patterns and Color Schemes

When at the beach, no pattern is too loud. An exciting pattern will attest to your enthusiasm for being beachside once again after a long winter. Color schemes we love include a nautical theme, including stripes, blues, whites, and a pop of color to give an original twist.

Also, try bright turquoise or magenta for a stunning look that will enhance the look of your tan while highlighting other stylistic choices like eye-catching jewelry. Alternatively, red is a classy color that keeps you feeling vibrant and lively while lounging seaside.


The best beach body is the body you bring to the beach. And now, with body-affirming shapewear and specially designed suits providing comfort based on body type, you no longer have to feel anything other than comfortable in your swim gear. Whatever solution you're looking for, we promise there's a suit out there for you. This year, you'll find tummy control swimuits and slimming swimsuits to help you feel confident at the beach. For those with large chest sizes, swimsuits for big busts ensure your suit fits you right in all the right places. On the inverse, bust-enhancing swimwear gives support in the chest region.

Dress to your Body

There's no one-size-fits-all, particularly regarding swimwear, so we offer long torso swimsuits, petite swimsuits, and plus size swimwear to give options to every body type. Expecting mothers will find a stretch where they need it in maternity swimsuits.

Coverups and Modest Suits

Specially-designed swimsuits provide the right amount of coverage to suit your comfort level. For those of us looking for more coverage, browse modest swimwear for unique styles and looks that provide a complete look.

Layer a swim coverup over your swimsuit for the perfect outfit to run errands in before you head for a day at the lake. Coverups of breathable, flowy fabrics keep you cool while providing a chic aesthetic. For example, a shawl isn't just for covering your shoulders on a chilly summer night but can act as a wrap around the waist as an impromptu skirt.

Sun Protection and Chlorine Resistant Styles

Sun protection and chlorine-resistant swimwear have our hearts this year because they keep your suits looking bright, and the fabric taut year after year. Sun protective swimwear keeps the sun off covered skin and keeps your look fresh and elegant with a variety of looks and styles. Long days under the hot sun require special attention to detail, particularly in UPF-rated clothing that will prevent sunburn.

Swim Shoes

We're obsessed with water shoes for the ultimate foot protection and a cute look. While we're all for the adventure, keeping the toes intact when assessing new swimming holes and walking over barnacle-encrusted rocks by the sea is essential. Get pairs for the whole family - you'll save on bandaids, especially if you have adventurous little ones.

Family Swim Gear

For the perfect family photo on this year's family vacation, be ready with all blue, all purple, etc., swimsuits to show how together you are as a family. There's nothing more fun than suiting up the family in a single color scheme or even matching suits. And won't the dog look cute with a neck handkerchief that matches the little one's swim gear?

This summer, enjoy yourself, for you know you look amazing in that specially-selected, flattering new swimsuit. The summer might be short, but let the days be long and joyful this year. Summers are meant for enjoying long walks on the beach, trips to the ice cream shop with the little ones, and plenty of stops to smell the roses. Let this summer be the best one yet - you deserve it.


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