Swim Style Guide on a Budget

Swim Style Guide on a Budget

For most of us, blowing our clothing budget on high-end swimwear every summer doesn't make sense. Especially considering how often you wear your swimsuit compared to other similar items such as bras and panties. At the same time, however, you know you don’t want to invest in cheap or flimsy swimwear. So what’s the middle ground?

We created this guide so our readers can find the best swimwear for their best summer at the most budget-friendly prices. Great women’s swimwear doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are our best tips and tricks for styling your swimwear on a budget.

First: How to Choose The Best Suit for Your Body

For those lucky enough to have an hourglass shape, whether petite or plus-size, the best suit for you will accentuate those curves in a subtle and flattering way. One of the ways you can do this is with a bodycon tummy-control one-piece swimsuit. This suit style features diagonal layers of swim fabric that hold the tummy in place while perfectly accentuating your most flattering curves. Hourglass shapes are similarly beautifully highlighted by a vintage-style high-waisted bikini bottom, especially when paired with a bust-enhancing top.

For very slight frames and long torsos, you can create visual curves by weaning suits with layers or embellishments—for example, a ruched one-piece or a ruffled bikini. Boatneck or off-shoulder tops can draw attention upward and flatter everybody. For extra slimming effects, choose darker colors and, if you choose a suit with a pattern, opt for a small, oft-repeating pattern. Horizontal lines and large patterns should be avoided when looking for a slimming suit.

Mix-and-Match Separates

When shopping for a suit on a budget, the best way to maximize your swim outfit potential while also saving money is to buy individual swim pieces separately. Mixing and matching bikini bathing suits separates is fun and budget-friendly. You can incorporate older swim separates from previous years, or choose a high-end bottom to combine with a budget swim top (or vice-versa). With just a few tips and tricks, you can easily have the summer swimsuit style you want, on any budget.

When mixing and matching swim separates, you also allow yourself to experiment with your beach style. Don’t be afraid to combine contrasting patterns of colors when choosing bikini tops and bottoms. Use a color wheel if you don’t know your complimentary colors to help you choose the best mixy-matchy- combo. For example, a navy blue bottom and a bright orange top are complimentary. Also, wearing a darker color on the bottom and a brighter color on top can have waist-slimming and bust-enhancing visual effects.

The One-piece Wonder

Similarly, if you are a one-piece swimsuit-lover, you can save money by investing in one good one-piece swimsuit instead of worrying about mixing, matching, or purchasing parts separately. If it is within your budget, we recommend spending a bit more on a swimsuit like a one-piece because of all the fantastic features they can offer and, when taken care of properly, can last season after season and year after year, saving you money in the long run.

Save money by taking proper care of your swimwear. If you are investing in a good one-piece, for example, remember to thoroughly wet your suit with fresh water before entering a chlorine pool or salt water. This will help minimize the amount of salt and damaging chemicals the fabric absorbs. Also, thoroughly soak and rinse the suit in a sink after each wear to ensure longevity.

Cover-ups for Beach and Pool-side

Cover-ups for the beach or pool are easy to budget for, because you probably already have them. When considering how to budget for any part of your wardrobe, consider what you already have and which items can be multi-purpose or repurposed.

A maxi dress is a fantastic beach cover-up. A lightweight cotton, or linen maxi dress looks great, keeps you cool, and can take you from the pool to brunch with almost no effort.

Beach Bags and Accessories

Beach bags are wonderful, but when you are on a budget, remember that multi-purpose items are key. With this in mind, perhaps you already have a sturdy canvas tote bag that you can serve as a weekend beach bag.

Save money by skipping the fancy insulated beach bags and using what you already have. For example, during the summertime, you can also repurpose your kids’ lunchboxes to keep pool and beach snacks cool.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and remember: the best beach body is the one you’re in.


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