Swim Style Guide 2023 for Men

Swim Style Guide 2023 for Men

Summer is the best season for many reasons - warmer temperatures, fun family outings, and plenty of time by the water. With the new season comes opportunities for new swim looks that excite you about the warm days ahead.

What is there to look forward to in men's swimwear this season? Whether you are a water sportsman who enjoys days of wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and swimming or a pool lounge expert, the season calls for new swimsuits.

Read on to learn about the latest and greatest in men's swim fashion, from men's swim trunks to men's swim shirts , rash guards and more.

70's Throwbacks and Shorter Looks

This next trend is an exciting throwback that evokes nostalgia and ice cream cravings. With the 70's styles returning, we're finding shorter, more form-fitting looks with reminiscent color trends and patterns.

This hint to the 70s is part of why men's swim trunk trends have featured shorter lengths than in past years. These looks include tailored swim trunks with a more fitted silhouette, with flexible fabrics that move with you. With slightly shorter pants, reduce drying time and increase range of movement for athletic ventures in the water.

Bold Colors

2023 has us thrilled about bold color trends in men's swimwear that reflect the brilliance of summer. We love the bright pinks, oranges, blues, greens, and every color in between. With these exciting colors, you'll look dapper and eye-catching. Bright colors accentuate the tan and are very flattering.

Bold Patterns

Embrace the exciting this year with jazzed-up patterns that evoke joy and festivity. The year's flamingos, pineapples, and cacti patterns are no longer a bold choice but a mainstream look that yields compliments. The colors are vibrant in 2023, and the patterns are bright.

Summer, the season of flourishing abundance, is celebrated in botanical and flower patterns. Embrace a pattern with floral designs and natural patterns. Intricate geometric shapes are other patterns to seek out in the season's trends. With these eye-catching looks, the party keeps going.

Outfits that Match

Full days by the water are best followed by an evening out to dinner for a bite and a cold one. For a quick transition from the beach to the bar, a men's casual shirt that carries the same pattern as your board shorts will serve as a festive, put-together look.

Of course, we would be remiss, not to mention family swimwear as a favorite to match each other. Have the kids' swimsuits accent your and your partner's for the best family photo of the year. A bright color theme will show off the glowing faces of your loved ones. We love to match a swimsuit color scheme to your beach towels for a complete look.

White Stripes

There's nothing like a classic white-striped trunk to show that you've got your sea legs under you. Seek out pastel seersucker looks that will be flattering and nautical.

Sustainable Fabrics

As more and more clothing goes to landfills year after year, sustainable fabrics are becoming more critical than ever. Fabric technology is constantly improving, and there's nothing like sporting a look that's good for the environment.

Sun-Protective Gear

The sun is intense, but sun-protective clothing is more robust, with UPF 50+ that protects skin from harmful rays all day. Protective men's swimsuits, including board shorts and rashguards, help prevent sun damage leading to premature aging. Though these fabrics have your back, remember to apply sunscreen everywhere else.

Stylish sunglasses add much to your look while shading your eyes from harsh UV rays. This year, an extensive range of styles are trending, from transparent frames to round looks and more. Be sure to purchase your glasses from reputable sources with high-quality lenses that will block harmful sunlight. Top it off with a classic hat, like a bucket style, to protect your face while serving a modern look.

Chlorine Resistant

Technologically advanced chlorine-resistant swimwear expresses the desire for longer-lasting clothing with materials built to last, no matter how much time you spend in the pool. Chlorine-resistant clothing renders clothing more durable, so you don't have to look for another item next year.


For water adventures, nothing does the job like men's water shoes. It's essential to have a stylish shoe to complete the look and keep your feet protected. A comfortable slide, flip-flop, or boat shoe will be vital for walking to the car from the beach across hot pavement.

Enjoy the Warm Summer Vibes

2023 is the year of fresh new swimsuit styles that will keep you looking fly at the beach. While we love a good trend, the essential part of a swimsuit is that it feels comfortable and you feel good in it.

Whether you're looking forward to lazy lounge days by the pool or action-packed days at the lake, the 2023 men's swimwear trends have exciting things in store for the summer ahead. Bright patterns and colors, 70s throwbacks, and tailored looks have our attention this year - so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a new style this season.


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