Swim Style Guide 2023 for Kids

Swim Style Guide 2023 for Kids

School's out for summer, and we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce 2023 trends in kid's swimwear featuring bright colors, exciting patterns, retro looks, and sun-safe gear. This summer vacation will be the best with fun plans for the whole family. Read up on the 2023 summer trends so your kids are in the know on the latest in swimwear.


We love the throw-back swimsuits featuring high-waisted looks from the 80s and 90s. Check out all the exciting, reminiscent colors and patterns that return to the 70s and make the kids look groovy.


Dress your little boy in trendy-patterned swim trunks with a matching shirt. It will serve as an outfit highlighting his enthusiasm for summer vacation. The same goes for girls - swim shorts are super helpful for active girls, and you can get a matching rash guard to serve as a complete 'fit. Kids love beach towels that match their suits. Personalize their towels with embroidered initials or their nickname.

Cover Ups

A favorite of this season's swim styles includes ultra-cute girls' swim cover-ups serving as a stylish look to keep her comfortable throughout the day. With all the variations and prints available, you'll no doubt be able to find the perfect cover-up in her favorite colors.

Rash Guards

Ready for your rough and tumble boy, boys rash guards are essential for keeping his skin safe from rough sand along the shore as he learns to skim board and rolls around in the shallow surf.

Girls will find a good use for rash guards in all the above, that prevent sunburn, protect skin, and keep cool when she gets out of the water.

Bright Colors

In 2023, suit up the kids in bright colors not only to have them look cool but also to be able to easily spot them on the beach or in the water. Opt for vibrant reds, oranges, greens, and blues.

Playful Prints

One of our favorite 2023 kids' swimwear trends is all the exciting patterns we see, including animals, polka dots, stripes, floral, and tropical styles. These looks are eye-catching and festive to excite your kids to hit the beach. How cute will the boy's swimsuits look with bright patterns? Let him choose from pineapples, trucks, palm trees, and more.


This year's trends include tasteful cutouts, asymmetrical looks like one shoulder, embroidery, and ruffles. These cute detailings give your kiddo a unique swim look for the season.

Mixed Bathing Suits

Mix-and-match bathing suits are a fun way to add variation and give the kids creative liberty when getting ready for the beach. A great way to accomplish this trendy look is to have a few different options of girls' tankini swimsuits or bikinis. Plus, you can let your daughter pick out which pieces she wants to pair together. She might want to pair a solid with a pattern or any other variation.

Water Shoes

This next trend is not only stylish but also highly functional. Kids' water shoes will make a huge difference in keeping the kiddo's toes safe from scrapes and scratches. In particular, kids with texture sensitivities who avoid icky pond bottoms will be much happier with their water shoes on. For your adventurous ones, these shoes will allow them to easily walk over barnacle-encrusted rocks (adult-supervised, of course).

Next, in the shoe department, a comfortable flip-flop, crocs, or a pair of slides is a must for going to the ice cream shop after a long day of swimming and sand castle construction.

Sun Protective Gear

Sun safety has never looked so cute as it will this year on your little ones, with the latest fabric technology, including kids' swimsuits, board shorts, and rash guards. When searching for sun protection for the kiddos, look for UPF 50+, the highest sun clothing rating, indicating the material will block out the most UV rays possible.

All other exposed skin needs to be covered by a high SPF kid-friendly sunscreen. As you know, children's skin is particularly delicate and susceptible to sunburn. Easy-to-miss spots are the hands, ears, and tops of the feet.

Another critical must-have for this year's sunny days will be a pack of UV detection stickers that let you know when it's time to re-apply sunscreen. These innovative patches change color when sunscreen is no longer blocking out harsh rays so that you can take out the guessing game on sun protection.

Family Swimgear

Set up the crew with matching suits to look all put-together at the beach and serve up aesthetically pleasing family photos. The family photo has never been as adorable as it will be this year with family swimwear. We love bright turquoise or magenta, but the world is your oyster with color and pattern options. Remember a matching bandana for your fur baby. The grandparents will be thrilled to see how happy you all look, especially their grandbabies looking so dapper.

Keep the kids smiling all summer with awesome looks that will keep them sun-safe and trendy.


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