Sweaters You Need in Your Closet This Year

Cold weather calls for sweaters that you can mix and match to look fashionable all season long. When you select timeless styles and prints, you can be sure to come back to these sweaters for years because of their high quality. Unlike other sweaters that feature fleeting trends and use fabrics that aren't made to last, a good sweater will faithfully keep its form after many washes and wears. But which style of sweater is right for you? Since everyone's taste is different, here are some sweaters that have been timeless favorites. This is what you need in your closet this year.

Open Cardigan Sweaters

Not all cardigans have buttons! An open cardigan sweater is that happy medium between a traditional button-down cardigan and shawl that makes it easy to grab and use. Keep one in the car for those days when you need to stay warm when the sun sets, and store one in the bottom drawer of your desk just in case your colleagues turn down the thermostat. Cardigan sweaters don't belong in your closet; they should go everywhere you do. Wear them loose or cinch your waist with a belt to create a more form-fitting figure. Great for work or leisure, you can never have too many of these sweaters on standby to get you through the day and all its unexpected changes. Bonus points for you if you get one with pockets.

Cashmere Luxury

It's not just about the way a sweater looks, but how it feels makes all the difference. Cashmere sweaters answer the call for a luxurious, supple, and timeless winter top. The precious wool fibers of these sweaters are carefully inspected and imported from the best sources to bring you only the best cashmere weaves. This is a valuable material that will last for years and retain its form and vibrant color. It is truly a work of art that needs to be in your closet.

Ribbed Sweater Texture

Texture is also a big deal when it comes to sweaters. It can get a bit redundant sporting only smooth knits, so jazz things up with a ribbed sweater. The soft vertical lines elongate your figure and provide a subtle form-fitting silhouette. Ribs look great in nearly every style of sweater, especially turtlenecks for the extra contouring it provides. Get one made out of chenille yarns and a bit of stretch for all-day guaranteed comfort. You'll feel warm but never weighed down in a chenille sweater, so you can easily wear it under a down jacket or vest so you never lose that spring in your step. Now all you need is a cute pair of fleece-lined leggings and boots to be ready for a fashionable day.

Tunic tops for fast and cute outfits

If you can wear it with leggings, it needs to be in your wardrobe. Tunic sweaters are the easiest things to wear when you're in a rush. Leggings are the no-fuss bottom you need, and a tunic thrown over them provides you a great outfit in a minute or less. If you're craving that plush, cloud-like feeling, then pick a tunic made out of fleece. It looks like wool, but it's machine washable. This material is as versatile as it comes. Dress it up with a few accessories and heeled boots or be casual in some cotton leggings and flats. Whatever your mood is, a tunic top can help you look the way you feel.

Men's Pullovers: Unlimited Layering Potential

When temperatures dip low and you still need to look put together without sacrificing fashion, a men's pullover sweater offers many solutions. Wear these alone or throw them over a turtleneck or collared shirt. You can go from casual weekend wear to office-ready in a matter of seconds. Quarter-zip pullovers are a classic favorite for men who want the option of a high collar for cold days and an open, relaxed fit. Wear these with dress pants to work or with relaxed fit jeans on your day off. In practically any situation, a pullover sweater fits the dress code.

For the Casual Moments: Sweatshirts and Hoodies

One of the best things about colder weather is the free pass to wear sweatshirts and hoodies anytime you want. Taking out the trash? There's a hoodie for that. Waiting at the bus stop with the kids? A plush sweatshirt can be all you need to brave the cold for a few minutes with a coffee in hand. These items are there when you need instant warmth and something quick to put on. They're also the best casual sweater for all your special moments around the fire pit, snuggles on the porch swing, and late fall camping trips when the sun starts setting early.

These are the sweaters that are there for all the big and small moments of your life. Wear the styles that speak to you.

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