Best Sweaters for Cool Summer Evenings

Best Sweaters for Cool Summer Evenings

Ah, summer. With its promise of warm weather, sun-drenched gardens, and endless memories to be made, there’s something downright magical about the season. Although sky-high temperatures are the norm, it’s not unusual to experience the occasional breezy evening. That means you need more than just a few cute sundresses and sandals to see you through the warmest months of the year.

What to do? It’s usually never cool enough to warrant wearing a jacket, but a lightweight cardigan sweater or pullover is usually the perfect option. Not only is it easy to throw on at a moment’s notice—think when the winds suddenly pick up, or a light sprinkle starts to fall—but it’s also simple to stash inside your bag or wrap around your shoulders or waist. Here are a few options to keep in mind for the season.

Cotton Cardigans

Few pieces are as versatile and timeless as the cotton cardigan. They’re perfect for those unexpectedly cool summer evenings that suddenly bring a gust of wind your way when you’re trying to enjoy an outdoor dinner or walking around with your significant other enjoying the moonlight.

Lightweight and effortless, the cotton cardi is the ultimate evening companion. It’s easy to fold inside your tote bag, and it’s available in a variety of lengths and styles to complement any look. Try a cropped length over a longer top to create some visual contrast. Try a hip-length or longer version with your leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans. Take your pick from button fronts if you prefer additional coverage or flyaway styles that remain free and open for a more casual look.

Tunic Sweaters

If you favor a little bit of additional length, nothing tops a comfortable tunic sweater. This style is surprisingly versatile and can be worn in myriad ways year-round. You might not initially even consider it during the warmer months—it does have a quintessentially autumnal vibe about it.

But don’t let that deter you. Stick with a lightweight material, like linen cotton. It’s just substantial enough to provide that extra layer of warmth when it cools down in the evenings, but it won’t heat you the way a cowl neck or turtleneck might. Opt for a light shade that resonates with the season. Colors like peach, coral, lavender, ivory, and sky blue are all perfect for setting that upbeat, summery tone.

Pullover Sweaters

The beauty of average, tall, and petite pullover sweaters is that you can wear them all day long. While some pullovers are a little more relaxed, with a free-flowing silhouette that makes them more appropriate to wear with jeans, others are more fitted for a polished look. That might be important to you if you’re transitioning from desk to date night and don’t want to waste too much time getting ready in between.

You’ll find pullover sweaters in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate your warming needs. Cashmere may feel a bit too rich for the season, but a short-sleeved cashmere pullover feels wonderfully luxurious and looks great with everything from pencil skirts to straight-leg jeans. For something lighter, try a cotton crewneck pullover. It provides more coverage, thanks to its long sleeves and high neckline, but still feels wearable on a relatively warm day. You’ll appreciate that it elevates your comfort level just enough when it cools down outside in the evenings.

Three-Quarter-Sleeve Sweaters

You love a good midi dress. You’re all about those capri pants. So why not get into the spirit of a tall ¾-sleeve sweater too? It’s available in average and petite sizes, so you can easily snap up a style that’s sized just right for your body. Noteworthy for their versatility, these easy sweaters are perfect for evening activities of all kinds—think trips to the movie theater with the family, date night with your special someone, or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

They’re available in an array of styles, making it easy to find the type that’s most suited for whatever is on your agenda. Choose a mock neck style if you want to take a more sophisticated approach. With its sleek fit, it looks great with a pair of wide-leg pants and heels for a polished look from top to toe. Or try a ¾-sleeve cardigan if you want to embrace a more understated look. Made with materials like linen and cotton, these sweaters offer the comfort you crave without overwhelming you with too much warmth. In short, they’re just right in every way, with sleeves that provide just enough coverage and fabrics that keep you perfectly cozy.

It’s easy to find summer sweater styles that meet your needs. Skip the heavy-duty fabrics and nubby materials in favor of lighter-weight knits that feel soft and supple against your skin. They do double duty by keeping you comfortable on cool evenings while adding undeniable style to your warm-weather wardrobe.


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