A Guide to Finding Sweaters for the Changing Weather

A Guide to Finding Sweaters for the Changing Weather

When the seasons start to change, the weather tends to become a little unpredictable. Knowing what clothes to wear is the best way to be sure you're getting the most out of every day. If you're prepared for the day ahead, nothing will stop you from flashing smiles and classic style. The name of the game during those times between seasons, when the weather just won't make up its mind, is layering. No matter what kind of day you're expecting, it's always smart to have a few different layers on hand that you can mix and match to achieve optimal comfort. The best basic to keep in mind is what kind of sweater you'll wear, and it'll depend largely on what kind of weather you're expecting. 

For a Day That Starts Off Cold...

When your morning begins with a chill, you might want nothing more than to bundle up in your thermals and maybe go back to bed for just a little longer. It makes sense to grab your thickest and warmest items and arm yourself for the brisk morning air. But if the forecast says to expect rising temperatures, you could end up sweating under all that heat. Even if the temperature stays a bit cool, getting a beautiful and bright sunny day will cause your heavy layers to start getting uncomfortable. Sweating when it's cold can be a recipe for a shake and a shiver later if you end up stepping out of the sun. 

Instead of heavy pieces only, try layering from thinnest to thickest so that you can slowly peel them off and still get a drastic change in warmth. Start with a women's long sleeve top. Go for something you'll be excited to show off, and try to avoid turtleneck or mock neck shirts so that your base layer gives you some breathing room. Choose thin-spun wool or cashmere cardigan, which will offer you a ton of protection from the cold but is also easy to button up or down depending on the shift in temperature. Both wool and cashmere are actually body heat regulators, so you won't get too warm either way. Still, knowing that you have a top that you love underneath will make it super easy to take that sweater off if the weather permits. 

For a Day That Starts Off Warm...

The days that come in hot and quickly drop in temperature can catch you off guard, and might just lead you to catch a chill if you're not dressed properly for the fast change in weather. For those days, it's best to pack ahead. Plan to carry a bag with your sweater folded or rolled carefully inside, or have that cold-weather sweater close by in the office or in your car.

If you know you'll need some extra protection later in the day, start smart with a short sleeve cashmere crewneck sweater. With such a breathable first layer, you'll feel light and breezy, but the cashmere fiber will activate and lock in the heat when the temperature starts to drop. When the temperature does start to go down a bit, make sure you have a cashmere turtleneck or a thick cotton crew to pull on over it. Some days during season changes can bring really drastic drops in the thermostat, so add an alpaca poncho or shawl to wrap around you in case you do end up needing additional insulation. 

For an Unpredictable Day...

On the off chance that the forecast looks off-kilter, a women's tall tunic sweater is the way to go. Streamlined and elegant, it can work as a simple top or the perfect base layer. You can add an open front cardigan for a mix of fresh air and protection from fast shifts in degrees, grab a light vest for a day out apple picking, or throw on a zip-up fleece sweater for all-over warmth. 

If the forecast threatens rain, any sweater will do if you have a raincoat, but women's petite wool sweaters will do the trick in a pinch. Wool is water-resistant, and while we don't recommend it as an umbrella alternative, it'll withstand light rain as you dash from Point A to Point B without leaving you drenched or waterlogged. 

To make any day an adventure you actually enjoy going on, just peek at the forecast and follow these tips to choosing the right sweater to make your day. Be sure to find a light sweater because if you do end up taking it off, you'll want something easy to tie around your waist or fold up in your bag.


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