Sustainable Spring Picnic Ideas

Sustainable Spring Picnic Ideas

Spring is a great time for getting outside and enjoying nature. From hikes to cabin getaways, it’s the perfect season for seeing the flowers bloom and shaking off any of those lingering winter blues. And, of course, for many of us, spring is also the start of picnic season. The fresh grass in the parks or nearby nature preserves is an oh-so-inviting venue to gather with friends or family and enjoy some tasty treats with a side of much-needed sunshine. And, of course, while we enjoy all that nature has to offer, it’s also important that we give back to it. The good news is that it’s oh-so-easy (and fun!) to host a sustainable spring picnic. Read on for some tips and ideas for how you can host a memorable eco-friendly picnic this year!

Find Local Groceries and Treats

Food, of course, is an integral part of any picnic. So, when planning a sustainable picnic this spring, opt for local, sustainably-sourced food, with a focus on veggie-forward dishes.

One great way to do this is by stocking up on what you need at the local farmer’s market. Simply find one taking place in your area the same weekend as your picnic and head out with your canvas tote bag. Look into a few recipes in advance to guide your shopping, especially if there are some spring-themed veggie dishes you’ve been wanting to try out, or just let the booths at the market be your guide and grab whatever catches your eye.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can still keep it sustainable and eco-friendly by opting for pre-made food from the farmer’s market, a nearby farm stand, or whatever small natural and organic grocers you have access to in your area.

Ditch Single-Use Plastic

In addition to shopping local, you can make your spring picnic more sustainable by using reusable containers and bags to get everything set up.

If you’re going to be preparing food at home for the event, opt for glass containers that you can clean and reuse. And if you’re buying ready-made food, look out for paper packaging rather than items wrapped in plastic.

You can keep your food items fresh and any beverages chilled by using an insulated picnic bag or a lunchbox. In addition to a few canvas totes or an extra-large canvas tote bag, these are also great options for transporting your goodies to avoid single-use plastic shopping bags.

Use Eco-Friendly Plates and Utensils

Just like you’ll be opting for reusable and eco-friendly containers and bags to transport your food, you can do the same with your tableware. Well, we know it might be a picnic blanket or bed sheet in this case, but regardless, set your picnic up using compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups.

You can easily find sustainable crockery sets made of bamboo or other eco-friendly materials online. In addition, stock up on some cute red and white check reusable napkins to add both a classic picnic look to your spread and to replace single-use napkins or paper towels.

And once you’re done enjoying the spring vibes and your tasty sustainable treats, make sure you bring any discarded items home with you to avoid creating any litter. For discarded food scraps, you can also bring a bag or container along to add these to your compost pile at home.

Plan to Arrive in Sustainable Style

When we say arrive in style, we mean both how you get there and what you plan to wear. Of course, how you get there will be dependent on the safest option available for you, and how close you live to the picnic location. So, to further the idea of planning an eco-friendly day, opt to bike, walk, or carpool to the picnic, if one of these options makes sense for your particular situation and needs.

And how you plan to get there, in addition to the day’s weather report, will also help to determine your look for your day. For example, if you’re going to carpool, opt for a sustainably-sourced cotton maxi dress for women with a light cotton cardigan layer and some hemp or canvas sandals.

If you’re going to bike or walk to the picnic, you might want to opt for a pair of denim or linen capri pants made with sustainable practices, plus a breezy linen blouse and some comfy canvas sneakers.

By following these tips and ideas, you’ll be on the path to enjoying a sustainable, fun, and memorable picnic, which is the perfect way to embrace this wonderful season. Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses on your way there!


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