Summer 2023 Vacation with Friends: Tips on How to Have a Good Time Wherever the Destination Is

Summer 2023 Vacation with Friends: Tips on How to Have a Good Time Wherever the Destination Is

You're going on a vacation with friends? What fun! Let’s look at some tips to make sure that you and your crew have the best vacation yet.

Plan for Fun

By getting on the same page in advance about your destination, how long you will stay, and what types of activities everyone wants to engage in, you will set yourselves up for success. Choose a destination and timeframe that works for everyone and start planning early. Everything from getting vacation time approved at work, shopping for a new women’s swimsuit and beach cover-up, or setting up pet care for while you are away will take a bit of time.

Plan fun activities you will do together but realize you don’t have to be joined at the hip. Different people like different things! Perhaps there is a tour or activity some of you would enjoy but not others; you can split up for that day and meet for dinner to share stories about your adventures.

Research Activities in Advance

You’ll want to take advantage of all your vacation destination has to offer. Some activities require reservations in advance. You’ll also want to bring the right attire for all the fun things you want to do. Women’s shorts, a tank top, and a good pair of walking sandals will take you far, but you also will probably want at least one summer dress and be prepared for cool evenings with a lightweight cardigan.

Some activities may have both specific times and dress codes. If you will be visiting any cultural or religious sites, the dress codes could be more conservative than traditional summer travel wear. Read up in advance so you can enjoy the activities of interest to you while being a polite tourist.

Pack for Success

Be sure your carry-on bag and the rest of your luggage will have what you need and want. You’ll want your carry-on to be well designed to transport your must-have items like your wallet, phone, keys, and passport, as well as comfort and convenience items like a good book, a tablet, moisturizer, and a hoodie to keep you comfy if the air conditioning is a bit much. Backpacks are a smart choice for carry-ons, as they are designed to store a variety of items while letting you have both hands free.

As much as possible, pack mix and match travel clothes. Neutral-colored shorts or skirts can usually be worn more than once as well as paired with different tops. One cotton cardigan can keep you comfy on the plane, complement your sundress in the evening, and look great with pants and a short-sleeved top. Bring your favorite looks, but the more versatile the pieces you pack, the happier you will be with your choices. You will have more options and lighter luggage to boot!

Be Flexible

Travel is wonderful, but it requires a bit of flexibility from everyone. This is especially true when traveling with friends. Getting to your destination, navigating unforeseen schedule changes, eating, sleeping, and visiting new places all require going with the flow. Little things like having a plus-size rain jacket at the ready or a good book and your favorite playlist handy can make the little bumps in the road easier.

Being flexible can be adventurous, too! Try some new cuisine, a new water sport, or a new dance. Travel is about exploring new things, and doing so with friends is a great advantage. Take plenty of photos of your crew so you can post them for friends and family back home, as well as capture the fabulous memories you will be making.

Create some Me Time

Carve out a little quiet time for yourself each day, even if this is just for a few minutes. This is especially important for introverts as they naturally recharge in different ways than extroverts. Thirty minutes to drink your coffee, write in a journal, or just enjoy a fabulous view by yourself can be rejuvenating.

Don’t forget physical self-care like staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, wearing sunscreen, and moisturizing after a relaxing shower. Bringing your favorite summer pajamas and women’s slippers to slip into can be a treat after a fun day of sightseeing or an evening of dining and dancing. You don’t need the exact routines on vacation as you do at home but prioritize self-care.

With a bit of planning, you and your friends will have a wonderful vacation wherever the destination is. Enjoy!


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