Packing for a Summer Trip to Colombia—Dealing With a Cancelled Flight

Packing for a Summer Trip to Colombia—Dealing With a Cancelled Flight

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore—from your own backyard to a distant getaway. For a travel adventure unlike any other, Colombia is an amazing destination full of culture, diversity, and vibrancy! From jungles and rainforests to beaches, plains, and mountains, there are all kinds of nature and ruins to check out around the country. There’s truly something for everyone.

Like any savvy traveler, you’ll need to consider last-minute changes and be prepared for the unexpected, planning as much as you can ahead of time. So how do you pack for any potential scenario? Be armed with the right tools, tips, and travel accessories. From trips through the rainforest to days at the beach, travel time, and canceled flights: here’s how to deal with it all for your summer trip to Colombia (even if your travel plans and flights change).

Carry-On for All Your Necessities

This one isn't just for Colombian trips, we're talking everywhere! When you have a canceled flight, you might end up spending extra time in the airport. If you can afford to, staying nearby is a comfier option than waiting it out in the terminal overnight. No matter what, you’ll need to keep your must-have essentials on you in your carry-on travel luggage or backpack. Toiletries like your toothbrush and toothpaste, any medications you may need, and face wash or soap are all great things to pack and have on hand. That way, you’ll have everything crucial with you in case your checked bag ends up being inaccessible for the night!

Extra Change of Travel Clothes

No matter where you’re traveling, having an extra change of clothes is crucial in case your flight gets canceled or delayed. You might end up not having your suitcase with you for a few days depending on how the airport operates, so you’ll need one extra change of clothes at the least. Bring at least two pairs of underwear and socks in your carry-on, just in case. Also, pack some light, wearable outfits in your carry-on, like cotton dresses or one pair of travel pants and a t-shirt. Comfort is key with your outfit as well as luggage, so focus on packing light, comfortable layers you can easily roll up and pack in your bag.

Sweatshirt or Sweater

Another clothing staple you can never go wrong with for travel is loungewear for women, like sweats, sweatshirts, sweaters, or leggings. It's whatever you find the most comfortable for long periods of travel. The average flight from JFK to Colombia is about six hours, so it's relatively long even if your flight runs smoothly and on time. Travel can be exhausting. Gates, terminals, seats and rows—you have to stay aware and alert to make sure you arrive on time and get through security. Once you’re waiting to board or on the plane, that’s when you can curl up, relax, and rest for your exciting journey ahead. Why not be cozy and comfortable while doing it?

Travel Pillow and Blanket

Picture it: you’re on your flight and in your seat. It’s an overnight trip. You’re just about ready to close your eyes and wake up at your destination, but you just can’t get comfortable! Sound familiar? For layovers or airport overnights, travel pillows and small blankets can help you get comfy and cozy no matter where you are. On the plane, in the airport, or even at home after your trip—travel pillows and throw blankets will come in handy in so many ways. Go for light, easily packed and stored options like foldable blankets or inflatable pillows. Sleeping eye masks are also helpful here, you never know if the passenger next to you might be reading all night or watching a distracting movie. Having luxurious comfort on the flight doesn’t have to mean spending on extra baggage costs or paying for first class! Give yourself the right tools to sleep peacefully in-flight, at the airport, or wherever your trip takes you.

Rain Jacket

For any trip, but especially one to a destination with a diverse climate like Colombia, light jackets are always a packing must. For damper, rainier countries and places, women’s rain jackets or even rain boots can come in handy! For places with colder climates, you’ll need more layers. Light layers are great in any travel situation: they’re comfortable, easily adapted to any temperature, and pack fairly light. Raincoats will keep you feeling safe and dry through even the most extreme weather. Especially in Colombia, you’ll love having this practical staple on your trip.

When you’re planning your summer trip, you’ll need to be prepared for anything the climate (or travel itself) might throw your way! Heading to Colombia is a great travel destination, and with these packing tips, you’ll be set. Have your best trip ever and create some wonderful memories. Tengan un buen viaje!


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