Summer-to-Fall Fashion Transition Tips

Summer-to-Fall Fashion Transition Tips

No one goes from beach bumming it in a pair of flip-flops and cutoff shorts to getting bundled up in gigantic puffer coats in one day. There’s a season between the scorching hot summer months and the snowy, cold winter months. So how do you make that transition from summer to fall in terms of wardrobe choices? How do you do it in a way that serves you both functionally and stylistically? In this post, we will take a look at a few handy style tips designed to help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall with ease.

Get Familiar With Those Comfy Blue Jeans

Sure, there may be the random summer evening or two when you opt for a pair of women’s jeans over shorts or a skirt. Once fall comes around, people tend to veer toward bottoms with more coverage to keep them warm. When you can feel the weather start to cool off but not too much, introduce jeans back into your daily outfits. Combine a pair of jeans with your favorite tank top and accessorize with a belt to perfect that classic Jennifer Aniston-inspired cool-girl look. When you have a tank top as a first layer, you can keep a cardigan sweater or sweatshirt on hand as a second layer when you feel the temperature start to dip. And for footwear? Ankle booties all the way.

Trade in the Flip-Flops and Sandals for Closed-Toe Flats

During the early days of September (or maybe even the whole month), it may still be warm enough to get away with running around in your favorite strappy sandals. Come October, the weather will be cooler and open-toed shoes will look a little out of place (unless, of course, you live in a tropical climate). Transition to the fall wardrobe with the help of flats like loafers, mules, and ballet slippers. These are all options that are comfy, trendy, and appropriate for both professional and casual settings.

Take Inventory of Your Nightwear

We cannot overlook your pajama collection when it comes to making the summer to fall transition. While in the summer months, you may have loved a lightweight nightgown or pajama shorts and a cami top, fall generally requires warmer articles of clothing with thicker materials. Store away your summer sleepwear and re-introduce your flannel robes and fleece pajamas. While you are at it, go ahead and change those cotton sheets on your bed and bring back that cozy flannel set.

Have Your Go-To Pullover Sweaters on Hand

Fall is undeniably the prime sweater weather season. So while you may not need an ultra-thick, chunky knit sweater right away, you will likely want to have a few of your favorite lightweight women’s cotton sweaters back in the closet. Choose pullover sweaters for your first layer that’s easy to take off. Fall weather in the early days is fickle. You might be chilly in the morning and roasting by the late afternoon. Your best bet is to have that pullover sweater that can be worn when the T-shirt or long-sleeved first layer doesn’t cut it.

Transition Your Loungewear

Like pajamas, loungewear cannot be overlooked either. While your primary focus may be on work outfits and anything you wear out of the house, we cannot forget the importance of transitioning loungewear. If you don’t already have these items, stock up on thicker socks, comfy joggers, and sweatshirts. You will be glad you have these clothing pieces on hand instead of taking a trip to the store or waiting for your package to arrive in the mail when you’re already in the dead of winter.

Bring Back the Booties

Who doesn’t love an adorable pair of ankle booties in brown leather? These are the quintessential fall boots and go with so many different outfits. Want to wear a cute dress on a gorgeous fall day? Swap out a traditional choice like heels or strappy sandals for some ankle booties. Need something to make you look even more stunning in those super flattering blue jeans you love? Ankle booties are your friend! Have fun with it too. There are so many style variations and colors to choose from, whether you like booties with a small heel or flat ankle booties.

Focus on Colors

Articles of clothing aren’t the only things that will help you make a smooth summer-to-fall wardrobe transition. The colors you choose matter. For starters, we’ll say there’s no more rule of white pants after Labor Day. In fact, white jeans with a colorful top or daring black turtleneck can look quite stunning. Secondly, as the colder weather encroaches and the foliage changes, avoid bright or soft pastel colors and stick to warmer, richer tones and prints.

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