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The Best Throw Blankets for a Summer Refresh

It’s easy to spruce up your home for a festive, summery feel. Home accessories can transform a room in an instant. Why not choose home decor that not only brightens your space but also performs vital functions? These throw blankets create a new feel for your space while also adding coziness.

Something Bright and Colorful

The easiest way to freshen up your space for summer is to find home accessories that have a bright, cheery feel. Look for bold prints and fun patterns that get you in a festive mood. Match your throws with summer-inspired throw pillows and pillow cases suitable for the occasion. When you mix and match, you create the opportunity for different home decor looks. Choose colors and patterns that are suitable for summer, or have a few different options for various summery holidays and festivities like a pool party or the 4th of July. Create an upbeat room in your home that sings of warm weather and sunshine.

Spruce Up Your Bedding

In the summer, you can swap out your bedding for a more summery mix. Change out your fleece blankets for summery throws. You can even opt to get rid of the down comforter and just use your throw blankets instead to create a new look that freshens up your bedroom. Select something that pairs nicely with summery linen bed sheets to create an airy, light feel to your space.

Bring Your Throw Outdoors

Today’s world of throw blankets is getting extra creative. New materials and innovations mean there are plenty of indoor and outdoor blankets to choose from. Select a throw that does double-duty with a blanket that’s suitable for the outdoors. Look for stain-resistant, dirt-repelling fabrics. These fabrics stay clean and make for perfect outdoor companions. The best part is, once the sun goes down, you can bring them indoors and still get plenty of use out of them. Alternatively, spruce up your outdoor living space with weather-resistant throws. Create the perfect outdoor seating companion for the warm summer nights.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Throws easily brighten up any living room. You can use throws in different ways, either as an accent or folded into a chair cushion to create a new back or seat cushion. These easy decor ideas for throw blankets allow you to transform your living space. Since many throws are used for warmth, a summery throw can easily be used to accent a room instead of being used as a blanket. Choose colors that complement your living room furniture. If you can, get brights and patterns for a summery feel. Even knitted throws make for great summer companions since a loose-knit can act as a blanket while still letting air pass through to keep you cool.

Cozy on the Couch

At the end of the day, throw blankets are a couch’s best friend. In fact, there are so many different ways to enjoy a throw blanket on your couch, you should certainly have more than one. Swap out throws from winter to summer to make them more useful to you. Use throw blankets seasonally to get the most out of them. For example, have a few thicker, warm blankets on your couch during the winter months. Once the temperatures rise, change them out for bright, summery throws that are loosely knit or thinner. You don’t need quite as much warmth in the summer, so having a lighter throw is an excellent way to still enjoy your blankets in the sweltering heat.

Personalize It

Give your household the gift of their very own personalized throw blanket. Each family member gets their own throw, with their nickname on it, so there’s no arguing during family TV time. Keep it fun by giving them a surprise gift that either has their name or nickname. For kids that love sports, give them a throw with their jersey number or the number of their favorite athlete. Adding a personalized touch gets the whole family excited.

Overall, there are several different ways to use a throw blanket to get you feeling summery. Outdoor decor quickly becomes ten times cozier with an outdoor throw. Using bright colors and patterns enhances the summer vibes. Lighter materials and looser weaves are essential for feeling cool while you are covered up. Bring on the summery season with this year’s hottest home decor styles to put a sizzle in your house.


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