Summer Style Tips for Men

Summer Style Tips for Men

When the weather gets up to its highest temperatures, and you swap your sweaters for swimsuits, you know summer is really here. In the heat of the summer, it’s important to stay cool and comfortable while still maintaining your personal style. For most men, the summer season means men’s T-shirts, shorts, and flip flops—whatever you have around that you’ve always worn. Tired of the old T-shirts and shorts you’ve been wearing for the last few years? Maybe it’s time to retire your old clothes and revamp! This season, men can freshen up their wardrobes to make the same-old-summer-clothes blues disappear and to put a new style foot forward without sacrificing comfort. Summer style is super easy, and these tips will have you (or your man, ladies) feeling fresh and fun all season long.

Stay Cool in Lightweight Fabrics

On the hottest of summer scorchers, the temperature needs to be considered when prepping for the day. Check the weather each morning to know what you’re in for and whether you’ll need to plan accordingly. For the worst of the summer heat, staying cool and hydrated is crucial, and you’ll want a light, breathable fabric that will keep you moving comfortably. Cotton, linen, jersey, and denim are all materials that promote a cool body temperature and prevent overheating while allowing sweat to escape. They’re comfortable and soft without trapping body heat inside and will allow airflow throughout the day. If flannel and fleece are your winter go-tos, chambray and seersucker are great alternatives for the warmer months. If you have to wear more clothes (like summer suits for fancier occasions, parties, and weddings), consider one of these fabrics for spring or summer, like a seersucker or linen suit. You’ll get all the pomp and circumstance of a regular suit while still being able to regulate your temperature. Light and breathable layers are essential for staying cool in the days and then transitioning into cooler summer nights. Whatever your events are this summer, remaining comfortable will help prevent wardrobe malfunctions like sweat stains and physical health worries like heat stroke. On the hottest days the summer has to offer, be confident that you’ve chosen a clothing material that not only looks good but feels good, too.

Bold Patterned Button-Downs

The style staple of the summer is a fun short-sleeve men’s button-down shirt. Summer style is about being fun and fresh, and a boldly patterned button-down will become your favorite shirt of the season. Whether you’re into Hawaiian prints, solid colors, or bold stripes or graphics, there’s a button-down out there for everyone. It’s a perfect choice for warm days in the sun and can easily be transitioned into dressier nightwear with chinos, khakis, or linen pants. A button-down is also versatile, as it can be worn on its own as intended or open and unbuttoned over another shirt, like a tank or tee. Heading to the beach? An unbuttoned shirt and your board shorts create the perfect outfit for your fun in the sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!). Light, comfortable, and bold, this is the personality piece that will take your basic summer style from zero to 100 in one quick and easy step.

Chambray: The Fabric of Summer

As mentioned above, for the summer fabrics to stay cool in, chambray is the material of the season. Though it resembles denim, chambray is cotton or linen-based and much lighter and softer than your jeans. It’s woven differently and is thinner than denim, and it feels better to the touch. Swap your denim shirts from fall and winter for the light but still business casual texture of chambray. A chambray shirt is a great button-down that you’ll get a lot of wear out of this season that can be adapted to any setting. A tie and chinos will dress it up, while shorts and tees can dress it down. Whether you’re headed out on a date, to a work meeting, or on a night out with friends, your chambray shirt will keep you looking fresh and stylish while feeling cool and comfortable. Hooray for chambray!

Shorts, Chinos, and Jeans

For your bottom half this summer, you’ll need to curate the rotating basics you can wear for the whole season. Start with a couple of pairs of men’s shorts, men's jeans, and men's chinos. These will set you up for outfit planning by having the staples to build from! Jeans and chinos are great for cooler summer nights or times you need to look professional, while shorts will keep you casual and cool for your days off by the pool or in the sun. By covering all your bases with basics, you’ll never be out of outfit ideas. All these styles match every type of shirt and top, and you’ll stay relatively light and cool depending on your fabric choices. When in doubt, start with a pair of pants and go from there. Ask yourself: "What shirt matches, what shoes would be fitting?" "Do I need an extra layer?" From here, you’ll be able to build outfits to stay comfy and cool all summer long!

No matter where the summer takes you, go in style with these tips. It's sure to be a long, hot summer, and in these outfits, you'll be comfortable and stylish all season long. Don't be afraid to get out in the sun this summer and show off your style!


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