Summer Style Guide on a Budget

Summer Style Guide on a Budget

Summer offers incredible freedom with various styles, fabrics, and versatile pieces of clothing to integrate into your wardrobe. While it's exciting to anticipate a whole new wardrobe filled with the bright colors of summer, most of us aren't looking to spend a fortune. That's where we come in with helpful tips and tricks to give you the perfect closet without spending your summer ice cream fund. Read on to become a summer wardrobe insider and get compliments everywhere you go.

When we think of summer clothing, we get excited by all the possibilities - women's shorts, skirts, skorts, maxi dresses, tees, cute cotton tank tops, crew neck, and v-necks. So how do you limit spending while still setting yourself up for a fabulous summer wardrobe?

Luckily, summer is already the most minimal wardrobe season of them all. Thanks to warmer temperatures, you don't have to worry about cold-weather necessities like heavy coats, which can quickly bring up the cost of your closet.

Versatile Pieces

Our first tip for updating your summer wardrobe on a budget is to stick to versatile pieces suitable for several outfits and occasions. A solid tank top that fits you perfectly and feels great can be used with linen pants one day and a maxi skirt the next. Similarly, light-wash capri pants are easy to pair with a simple crew neck one day and a flowered women's dress shirt later in the week.

A shawl is an excellent versatile piece because it can be used as a cover-up at the beach, a warm shoulder cover for cool nights, or a blanket to put down on the grass as a seat for an impromptu afternoon at the park.

Stick to a Color Theme

While color schemes are fun to experiment with, you'll find it easier to pair clothing items when most pieces are within the same color theme while keeping a budget. For example, blues, whites, and golds pair well and give a cool nautical touch.

Alternatively, a wardrobe of neutral items makes it easy to pick out an outfit in the morning, as almost any item would match.

Fill Your Closet with Solids

While we love a good pattern, stick to subtle patterns reusable with other items in your wardrobe. For example, a light-colored stripe that isn't too bright or obvious is helpful because it can go with an assortment of solid-colored pieces.

Cover the Essentials

Almost everyone finds themselves at the beach or lake at least once a year so a new bathing suit will be necessary. We encourage you to consider what kind of summer activities you will be up to this season. Select from stylish and comfortable swimsuits, including one-piece and two-pieces, including bikinis, tankinis, and swim skirts.

Back to our rule of versatility, sun-protective clothing like rash guards, swimsuit cover-ups, and board shorts make for good beach gear while offering suitable clothing when you go into the ice cream shop after a fun day of water adventures.

Summer can be brutal on the eyes, with the sun getting very bright and harsh. That's why a reliable pair of UV-protective sunglasses are a necessity. Not only do they protect your eyes, but they add style to your look. When protecting the eyes is the goal, a hat is essential for keeping harsh rays off your face. Sun damage to the skin on your face can cause premature aging and lead to discoloration. A nice hat can go a long way in keeping you comfortable and looking young.

Stick to a Few Pairs of Shoes

While summertime requires a few different pairs of shoes for different occasions, only a couple of pairs are necessary to complete your wardrobe and prepare you for most occasions.

A classic pair of slides like a flip flop or a sandal is necessary for beach days, hot days when you need an open toe, and short walks along the waterfront.

An essential tennis shoe will do the trick for more athletic adventures, like tours through the park, explorations through abandoned forts, and dog walks. Not only does a light sneaker protect your toes, but it provides good foot support and ease of movement.

Organize a Clothing Swap

Another way to keep the cost of your summer wardrobe down is to organize clothing swaps with friends with a similar aesthetic. Typically with each new season, we find ourselves in a bin of last year's clothes that are still perfectly viable but that we are just tired of wearing. Why not trade out a few clothing items with friends and give last year's clothes a new lease on life?

Renew Your Summer Clothes and Enjoy the Sunshine

Updating your summer wardrobe doesn't have to break the bank. As you can see, there are many ways to keep costs down without sacrificing style or your summer fun money. Keep items simple and versatile, and you'll have great summer outfits.


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