Summer Style Guide for Him

Summer Style Guide for Him

If you’re a guy who likes to stay stylish and comfy in the summer (and who isn’t?), we have the summer style guide for you. Let’s look at how to look and feel great all summer.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are like a secret weapon for summer. Think cotton, silk, and linen. Men’s linen shirts are an instant upgrade to almost any summer outfit. The linen looks crisp while being wonderfully cool. Linen requires a bit more care as it wrinkles, but it is well worth it. Every guy also needs at least one silk dress shirt in his wardrobe. A white long-sleeved silk dress shirt can be worn year-round and for years to come. Silk feels luxurious next to your skin and will actually keep you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cool weather.

For your most casual wear, keep comfy cotton T-shirts and shorts in mind. When the fabric in your clothes breathes, you stay comfier. Go for looser cuts in your cotton clothes for summer than you might for winter. If you have a layer of air between you and your clothes, you will stay cool longer.

Light Colors

Light colors are a natural choice for summer. White, stone, and tan can replace much of your blacks and browns from the winter months. If you don’t already have a classic white men’s T-shirt in your summer wardrobe, buy two. Seriously, buying two white T-shirts at a time is a smart choice because this is one of the most iconic wardrobe choices you can make, and, let’s face it, stains happen to everyone. If you can’t get a stain out, turn your stained T-shirt into a rag for the garage and pull your pristine shirt out so you can dress to impress. While you’re looking at light colors, keep pastels in mind for men’s casual shirts. A pastel shirt with neutral pants is a classic choice for spring that will brighten your days and nights.

When in doubt, wear neutral-colored pants—they go with everything. Also, unless your shirt matches your pants, you will usually look more put together if you keep the darker color on the bottom and the lighter color on the top. Darker colors look “heavier,” so we naturally think of them as going there.

Summer Suiting

If you don’t own a seersucker suit, maybe this is the summer you should indulge in this classic sartorial choice. It’s a cool way to look sharp and turn heads for summer activities, from weddings to a stylish dinner out. Almost every guy needs one men’s suit. For summer, make it seersucker—it’s lightweight, durable, and comfortable. A white or beige sport coat can be a nice addition to most outfits for summer, too. You can a sport coat to your pants or go lighter on top. “Breaking up” your suits into separates that can be mixed and matched is a stylish choice that will stretch your wardrobe by creating more outfits with the same number of garments.

Summer Swimwear

Did someone say “swimwear?” Yes, please! You’ll want to make sure you are comfy and looking sharp in the water and have at least one men’s swimsuit for summer, and probably two if you plan to travel or are a frequent swimmer. It’s always easier when you have a clean and dry swimsuit to pull out and throw on before you hit the beach or the pool.

If it’s been a while since you bought a new swimsuit, start with your current measurements. An oversized T-shirt or swim shirt paired with swim trunks makes for a good outfit to wear to the pool or the beach. Don’t forget your favorite beach towel and sunscreen!

Summer Sandals

Men’s sandals have come a long way since your grandfather’s days! They are not only more stylish but aren’t just for the beach either. Smart casual dining and even some business casual offices can include men’s sandals these days. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have a waterproof pair of sandals, slides, or water shoes for when you will need them, too.

In addition to sandals, consider loafers without socks for summer. This sophisticated look is smart casual while being a bit dressier than sandals. For full-on formalwear, you'll want to stick with men’s dress shoes and socks. Either match your shoes to the color of your pants or go darker. This will help to give your outfit a finished look. Don’t forget to have a men’s leather belt in the same color as your dress shoes.

With a bit of planning, you’ll enjoy the everyday ease of a stylish and comfy men’s wardrobe. Have a great summer!


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