4 Unique Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

4 Unique Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

Summer is the perfect time of year to break out your fashion scarves and have some fun accessorizing your warm-weather looks. There are dozens of ways to implement this versatile piece into your wardrobe. While there are standard ways of wearing it—tying it around your neck being the most classic—there are also unique options that expand your styling possibilities more than you thought possible.

If you’re excited about giving your summer wardrobe a little boost, don’t be afraid to add a scarf to your collection! It’s the ultimate do-it-all accessory, adding fresh color, a little spark, and a little pop of personality to any outfit. The beauty of the scarf is there really are many different ways to pull it off, whether it’s accenting or contrasting your clothes. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind for the season.

Layer It on Top

Scarves are often tied at the neck, adding a polished finishing touch to women’s blouses and pencil skirts in the workplace. While that’s definitely a great way to liven up a corporate look, you can wear your scarf outside of the office, too. Drape a long, lean scarf around your neck, purposely leaving it open, so it hangs casually on the sides. These sides don’t have to be uniform in length because if you’re wearing a casual outfit, you don’t want to look too purposeful in your efforts.

Try it over a tank top and a pair of sleek white jeans for a fresh take on summer style. Breezy colors set the tone for the season, while the addition of a light layering piece on top puts an airy spin on the outfit. Plus, if it happens to be slightly cooler outside, you’ll be grateful you have something you can wrap around if necessary.

Try a Summer Wrap

“Wraps” are generally associated with evening wear. While classy versions look downright stunning with evening gowns, you can make this concept work for you, even on warm summer days. If you’re wearing a women’s tank top and a pair of shorts, for example, the wrap serves as an ultra-light layering piece.

Wear it traditionally if you’re using it as an open wrap by draping it over your shoulders and winding each end around your arms for support. You can also knot the ends in the front for a more laid-back look. This hands-free approach is especially practical when you’re running around on the boardwalk chasing after the kids or tackling all of the chores on your to-do list. You’ll look stylish with absolutely no effort.

Make a Hair Accessory

Scarves also serve as makeshift hair accessories. With a little bit of effort, you can wear yours as a headwrap—which also happens to be the perfect antidote to a bad hair day brought on by a serious case of the summer frizzies. A large square scarf is best since you can easily tie it in several different ways and, in most cases, cover all of your hair if you prefer. A rectangular scarf is an equally chic choice, especially if you prefer some extra material to hang from your head.

Have fun picking your color or pattern. Choose one that contrasts with your solid cotton summer dress for an easy everyday look. If you’re wearing something with a print, choose a single color from the design and wear a scarf in that shade. You can also mix your prints if you’re feeling adventurous! As for how to wear it, you’ve got options. Make a headband with a rectangular scarf, create a turban and wrap your entire head, or put a peppy finishing touch on a ponytail by wrapping a scarf around it.

Wrap It On

You’ve got a beautiful scarf, but you don’t necessarily want to wear it in the usual way—or on your head. So what’s next? Try something entirely different. Use it to accent the canvas tote bag you hoist over your shoulder while you’re running errands, or tie into a backpack if you prefer to wear a hands-free bag.

You can even wear it as arm candy. Wrapping it multiple times around your wrist is fresh, trendy, and unexpected all at once—and it adds a little pop of color and intrigue to even simple outfits. Plus, if you don’t want to be bothered by wearing heavy jewelry on your wrist but definitely want to shake things up a little bit, substituting with a scarf is a fun alternative.

With so many options at your disposal, you have plenty of excuses to incorporate a scarf into your summer wardrobe when temperatures spike. Look for a light and airy material that won’t add bulk or unnecessary volume to your look since the last thing you want is to feel down by heavy fabric on a balmy day. Keep things cool, colorful, and relaxed—and, most importantly, have some fun with your style.


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