Summer Office Outfits for Work

Summer Office Outfits

Ah… summer! That time of year when even office wear gets a bit more casual. If you’re looking for summer office outfits, Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s find some options that will make you look and feel great!

Lovely in Linen

Linen is a great choice for a summer office outfit. It has the advantage of being a natural fiber that breathes while having that beautiful linen texture that is an instant upgrade for any outfit. You can go head to toe in linen, opt for a women’s linen shirt (with sleeves or sans sleeves), or add a linen blazer over a blouse or tank top for a chic third piece that will give you both a great look and a little insulation for air conditioning. The only drawback to linen is that it wrinkles. Just keep this in mind as you think about your day at the office and whom you will meet.

Black and White

For a sophisticated summer office look, go achromatic. Black and white make a great warm weather combination and can be as light and breezy as you want to go. A black women’s cardigan can give you the suggestion of a blazer while keeping you comfy in a climate-controlled office.

Black and white checks can be a great summer look, too. For a more formal black and white pattern, consider a houndstooth; this classic will be a working part of your wardrobe for years to come.

That Go-To Dress

Unless you prefer to always wear pants, have a super easy dress ready to go in your closet. Many of us like the ease of wearing pants and a top while overlooking the “one and done” aspect of a comfy work dress. Just add footwear, and you’re ready for work. A neutral solid like black or navy is always a good choice, but don’t be afraid to play with color at the office. As long as you’re not wearing revealing clothing (and aren’t going to the most important meeting of your career), chances are you will look and feel great in a pop color like hot pink or cobalt blue. Patterns can be fun, too! They are more “noticeable,” so if you prefer a minimalist wardrobe, you’ll want to rotate this one in a bit less often than your basic blacks, greys, and whites.

Jeans and a White Blouse

If you own only one casual outfit, it should be a great pair of women’s jeans and a women’s white blouse. You can dress this outfit up with jewelry and heels or down with sneakers while looking and feeling great.

If you’re looking for an office outfit that will take you from day to evening, this is it. As long as your evening plans don’t require a semi-formal outfit, you can morph from a comfy and appropriate office professional to a chic woman out on the town with just a few touches. For a full-on change (with almost no effort!), consider bringing heels and different earrings with you to put on for the evening when you’re ready to go out. Fresh lipstick with eyeliner and mascara will complete the look.

Khakis and a Polo

A comfy pair of khakis and a women’s polo shirt have the advantage of looking a bit more polished while sacrificing nothing in comfort. As long as you wear a belt and neat-looking shoes (polished leather flats are always a safe choice), this combination will pass even the most exacting business casual dress code.

Back in the days when “casual Fridays” were a common occurrence, this ensemble became the go-to Friday staple in many conservative offices. The fact that you’re still wearing a collar, wearing pants that are not jeans, a belt, and shoes that are not sneakers check all the boxes for crisp yet casual.

Activewear as Office Wear?

It wasn’t that many years ago that women’s activewear wouldn’t have been considered appropriate for the office. The old rules are more like guidelines now. Depending upon your professional role and the corporate culture in which you work, activewear might just work fine for work.

Working from home changed a lot of things for the better, and one of them is how formally employees (who are not customer-facing) are expected to dress at the office. If you want to try out some activewear in the office, start subtle. Probably a pair of leggings or yoga pants with a dress or tunic would be fine as long as they aren’t revealing. When in doubt, go a bit more conservative, but note what everyone else (especially your local leadership) is wearing for ideas. Even neat joggers and T-shirts have been spotted in offices.

Stay stylish and comfy at the office this summer!


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