10 Summer Decor Ideas for a Quick Home Makeover

10 Summer Decor Ideas for a Quick Home Makeover

You don’t have to go to extremes when doing a summer home makeover — even a few changes can make a big difference in the look and comfort level of your home. Refresh your living space with 10 simple items. Here are our top summer house decor ideas.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress

Although your mattress doesn’t affect the look of the bedroom, it has a major impact on your comfort level. Summer is a great time to consider replacing your worn mattress for a new one. Memory foam mattresses provide custom comfort because they conform to your body’s contours. Look for a mattress with a gel-infused foam top layer for optimum comfort. Another feature that’s good to have is open-cell cooling technology, which removes heat and encourages airflow to keep you cool all night.

2. Protect Your Mattress With a Mattress Pad

Protect your memory foam mattress with a mattress pad. There are various materials from which to choose, including Supima cotton. This long-staple-fiber cotton is strong and durable, with a soft, smooth texture. A mattress pad crafted from this material is great for summer because it’s lightweight and breathable. There are also memory foam mattress pads and toppers that add a cushiony layer to your mattress for added comfort.

3. Luxuriate in Linen Sheets

The bed sheets you choose can change the look of your bed and help you stay comfortable on warm summer nights. Linen is a popular material for sheets because it’s luxurious and stylish. It’s also soft, and it gets softer with every wash. Another thing that makes linen an excellent choice for summer is that it’s temperature-regulating. The fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, so you won’t get too hot. Linen sheets come in lots of styles and prints, and some can be monogrammed for an elegant personal touch.

4. Impart Classic Style With a White Comforter

Give your bedroom a new look by changing the comforter. One of the freshest colors for summer is white. It looks crisp and clean, and it goes with everything. A white down comforter is a bedding staple you can use all year long, including in the summer. It has a lofty look and feel that surrounds you in comfort. There are also synthetic down alternative comforters that can be used in any season. They have the look and feel of down without the feathers.

5. Add Color With Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows are easy, effective additions to help change the look of your living room or bedroom. Create a summer theme with throw pillows emblazoned with seashells or choose a vibrant striped pattern for bold style. Throw pillows with a geometric pattern are always stylish and come in various colors. Get a professionally designed look in your home by grouping throw pillows in different but complementary textures, colors, and patterns on the bed or sofa. For example, you could put together solid pillows with a floral print or faux fur pillows with linen.

6. Get Cozy With a Throw Blanket

Winter isn’t the only time to cuddle up with a cozy throw. Toss a throw blanket over an armchair or the foot of the bed for a casual look. For summer, look for throw blankets in light fabrics like twill or organic cotton. An acrylic throw is another option for summer because it’s not too heavy and comes in all kinds of colors and prints.

7. Refresh Your Bathroom With a New Rug

The addition of a bath mat or rug can refresh the entire room for the summer season. There are plenty of color options to consider; for a beachy look, choose a blue bath rug or opt for sandy beige. Turkish cotton is an excellent material for bath mats and rugs because it’s strong and fast-drying. Supima cotton is another fabric that works well for bath rugs. Look for a rug with a non-slip backing or use a rug pad underneath to prevent slipping and sliding.

8. Create a Coordinated Look with Bath Towels

Match the color of your bath towels to the rug for a well-coordinated bathroom. As with bath rugs, Turkish cotton is a preferred material for towels because of its durability and absorbency. This type of cotton is also easy to care for — it can be laundered in your washing machine and tumble-dried. For an upscale look, have your bath towels monogrammed. Simple touches like this can go a long way toward upgrading the look of a room.

9. Stay Organized With Storage Baskets

Create a coastal-inspired decor style with seagrass bins and baskets. These pieces have a breezy look to enhance your summer decor, and they help keep you organized. You can use a large bin with handles for toting laundry or holding bath towels. There are seagrass trays and nesting baskets for the dresser or table that hold small essentials and enhance the room’s appearance.

10. Welcome Guests With a Doormat

Summer is also a good time to swap out your old doormat for a new one. Look for a mat with a summery motif, such as a lighthouse or anchor. When shopping for a summer doormat, you’ll want something water-resistant that can stand up to heavy foot traffic. A non-slip rubber backing is also an important feature.

Now that you’ve got some summer home decor ideas, you’re ready to refresh your space for the summer season. Explore different decor pieces to find a warm-weather design style that works for your living space.


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