Summer-Friendly Outfits for Every Type of Wedding

Summer-Friendly Outfits for Every Type of Wedding

It’s wedding season! If your summer plans include going to a wedding, you’ll want to look great and stay comfy. Let’s look at summer-friendly outfits for every type of wedding.

Formal Wedding

Formal weddings can range from intimate affairs to several hundred guests. If a formal wedding will be held indoors, you can probably count on comfy air conditioning to make your wardrobe choices easy. A special occasion dress in just the right color would be a great choice.

When discerning “how formal is formal” when it comes to weddings, feel free to ask! Have a conversation with a member of the wedding party and ask what most guests will be wearing. Other clues to help you determine if you will be dressing just nicely or dressing to the nines include how simple or elaborate the invitation is, the venue for the wedding and the reception, and what you know of the preferences of the wedding couple and the families.

Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings tend to be less formal because of the venue. Brides and grooms who prefer to dress up for courthouse weddings still go a bit lower key than most other formal weddings. Grooms are more likely to wear a nice suit and tie, and brides are more likely to wear street-length dresses or pantsuits.

Buying a new fit and flare dress can be a great option if you are a guest at a courthouse wedding. You can dress it up or down depending upon the formality of the occasion, it will be great for going out to dinner or dancing afterward, and you will be adding a lovely staple to your wardrobe.

Outdoor Wedding

One word. Linen. This fabric will keep you looking great, will have you as dressed up as you might want to be, and it will breathe. This way, if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, you will be comfy as well as beautiful instead of suffering in a lovely sauna of an ensemble.

A linen dress, a linen tunic, and pants, or a women’s linen shirt and skirt are all great choices. Linen skirts and dresses used to be just for the gals, but guys have also discovered their fashion-forward looks and built-in comfort. Brad Pitt may be leading a new fashion trend!

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are among the most beautiful weddings around. There is nothing like having a backdrop of sand and surf to create a romantic ambiance. They also require a little planning for wedding guests when it comes to what to wear. A maxi dress and sandals are a great combination for a beach wedding. Maxi dresses combine comfort with an elegant silhouette that works well for beach occasions. A pretty pair of flat sandals are the perfect complement (and will work well when navigating sand).

Beach weddings are often more casual than other weddings but ask a member of the wedding party if you have any doubts. If this is a destination wedding, it’s a great idea to pack the dress and sandals that you plan to wear to the wedding in your carry-on bag to make sure that you won’t be scrambling for an outfit if your luggage gets lost. Don’t forget your swimsuit and beach cover-up either! Even if it’s just for a quick dip, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the beach or the hotel pool and spa.

Destination weddings require more planning on everyone’s part. Often, the wedding details will be slimmed down (by having the wedding and reception both on the beach, for example), but the simple fact that everyone will be traveling to get there adds a layer of complexity. Make sure that your women’s weekender bag includes every “must-have” for the trip. You’ll want to know that things like your prescription medications, glasses or contact lenses, and the exact shade of tinted moisturizer you prefer won’t be left to chance. When thinking about “must-haves,” also consider creature comforts and convenience items. A comfy sleep mask, an extra charger for your phone, a great novel to read by your favorite author, and your favorite earbuds can make all the difference on a long trip.

Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are some of the prettiest and most romantic weddings around! They combine all the elements of a great wedding—family, friends, and the chance to celebrate the wedding couple’s union in an intimate setting that allows for plenty of visiting.

Check with the wedding couple, but backyard weddings also tend to be casual. To stay comfy and stylish, consider a pair of white capris with a lovely blouse and sandals. You can dress this outfit up or down and stay cool in the summer heat, too. Enjoy those summer weddings in your summer-friendly outfits!


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