Summer Dresses You Need in 2023

What Summer Dresses Do I Need in 2023?

Summer isn’t just about swimsuits and sandals. As much as you want to, you can’t spend every waking minute poolside during the summer. Some days you’ll need to get dressed in real clothes (it’s OK, we’re just as heartbroken as you). On those rare occasions when you have to get a little dressed up because you’re leaving your house for somewhere other than the pool, there’s one piece of clothing that will work for every occasion – women’s dresses.

We can all agree that when summer’s in full swing, we’re not trying to go out looking like we’ve just finished a summer sweat session at spin class. We want to stay as cool, dry and comfortable as possible in our clothing, and dresses will help you survive the sunny season.

From this year’s hottest trends to warm-weather essentials, no summer wardrobe is complete without these summer dresses that you’ll need in 2023.

Flowy Maxi Dresses

Floaty, sheer maxi dresses for women took the floor (quite literally) during the spring/summer 2023 fashion show. Long and breezy, the maxi is the summer style you need to beat the heat. Headed out for a summer date night? Throw on a maxi dress with a pair of sandals and you’re ready to go. Going to a wedding? Dress it up with statement earrings and heels. Gracefully flowing at your feet, there’s nowhere you can go this summer where you won’t look and feel your best in a maxi dress.

Simple Shirt Dresses

A style that’s as simple as it is chic, a shirt dress keeps you enjoyably cool and looking effortlessly elegant. The best thing about shirt dresses? The possibilities of how to wear one are virtually endless. You can wear the same shirt dress as a dress, as a tunic over a pair of leggings and even as a swim coverup.

Comfortably Casual T-shirt Dresses

Every closet needs pieces that are comfortable, casual and versatile. The t-shirt dress is one of those pieces and it’s also a summer staple. The material and looser body style of t-shirt dresses make them breathe well, so you can then breathe well even during the hottest summer months. It’s a breeze to dress up for a night out or dress down for a lazy day at home when you don’t want to do anything. This way you can still look put together just in case someone decides to drop by unannounced.

Modern Midi Dresses

Sometimes maxi dresses are too long and mini dresses, well, you just may not feel comfortable in them. That’s what midi dresses are for. Flattering and functional, you can wear a midi dress with mule shoes during the day and strappy heels at night. If you really want to steal the show, get a floral drop-waist midi dress. Because during the season of weddings and brunches, this wardrobe piece will never let you down. 

Summer Stripes

If there’s anything we learned from this year’s spring/summer runways, it’s that the bigger and bolder the stripes, the better. So take that not-so-subtle message and stand out wherever you go with a striking striped dress. Horizontal or vertical, in nautical-inspired navy and white or colorful prints that scream summer, you can’t go wrong. Wear whatever style of striped dress you feel best in.

Pretty in Pastels

Another 2023 trend that will help you easily transition from spring to summer is pastel tones. These soft hues suit every skin tone. From women’s dresses in lavender to ones in pastel blue, romantic prints in these sorbet-inspired colors just feel right for outdoor summer parties.

Mood-Lifting Monochrome

Not everything in life is black and white – but one fashion standard is black and white ensembles. There’s especially a fondness for it this summer with elegant evening wear. So if you want to play dress-up with this year’s summer dress trends, this is possibly the easiest one to follow. Just do us a favor and swap out your old little black dress for a more modern black dress, like a seductive slip dress or one with contemporary cut-outs. If you’re someone who craves color, then accessorize your black and white dress with a small yellow clutch or blue cross-body bag.

Puffed Up Perfection

The ‘80s called, and they want their sleeves back. Well, they’re going to have to wait because oversized sleeves aren’t going anywhere this season. This ever-romantic design instantly levels up your summer style. It also creates the perfect one-and-done look that’ll get you out the door fast and looking fashionably stunning. Or it’ll have you confident and ready to rock that work presentation on Zoom.

Don’t be afraid to try out some of this season’s hottest trends and bold summer colors, but also don’t forget to leave room in your closet for simple staples like maxi dresses for women that seem to stick around summer after summer.


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