Summer Closet Refresh

Summer Closet Refresh

It's summer, and your closet needs to get ready for fun in the sun! But how to make that happen? Here are a few ideas for how to refresh your wardrobe so that you are ready for the new season.

Pack Away Winter

Your winter outfits are taking up space they no longer need to! Packing up the boots will help make room for summer sandals and cute strappy heels. Putting away the puffy jackets and snow pants will free up a lot of space and help you see what you have in the way of summertime outfits. As you pack, keep an eye out for torn or old pieces that need to be permanently retired. You don't need to struggle to fit things in boxes if you don't plan on wearing them again anyway. And speaking of retiring clothing...

Throw Out the Old

Now that you have only warmer climate clothes in your closet take a step back and see what you have! Has anything not aged well? Have you worn that one dress for the last five years, and now it is time for it to go? Look over your clothes for pieces that have holes, smells, or were loved for a time and are finally out of date. Sometimes it is hard to let things go. But it leaves space for whatever new and exciting is coming your way!

Along these same lines, consider what your wardrobe might be missing. Did you lend out that one tank top last year and never see it again? Did you throw out an old pair of jean shorts, and now you need a new pair? Check to see what you need to complete or update your summer wardrobe and make a list. That will help you focus on your priorities when you go shopping. It also lets you know when you are going a little too wild at the mall!


When you have an idea of what you need for summer, the next thing to look at is cost and what you can afford. Making responsible financial decisions is sometimes tough when it comes to fashion, especially when you come across a sale! But, on the upside, it makes you more deliberate in your clothing choices, leaving you with a closet full of pieces you love in the end. Choose how much you are going to spend, too, to cut down on splurges that will hurt your wallet later on. After you have organized the pieces you need, consider some of these elements to enhance your summer wear choices.

Summer Colors

Summer means lighter, bright colors! It means life after the colder, darker atmosphere of the colder months, so rejuvenate your wardrobe with sunny yellows or cheery pinks! If you are a cool colors kind of girl, channel an island flavor with jungle greens and tropical blues. Summer is the time to enjoy life, so make sure your wardrobe agrees!

Prep for the Heat

Of course, summer is the time when the sun is out, and the temperature starts rising. You want to make sure your closet has pieces that will keep you cool when things get hot. Shorts are a must, as are loose blouses and cute tank tops. Light cotton sundresses you can wear to a park picnic or over a bathing suit are also great summer pieces. You want to be able to move, and you want the wind to be able to help keep you from getting overheated in your fun.

Replenish the Basics

Sometimes we throw things out and forget to replace them. Then when an event rolls around where you really need a staple piece, you regret your earlier negligence. So it's best to double-check while you are refreshing your wardrobe anyway! An excellent resource for whether you have the basics you need for summer is capsule wardrobe compilations.

Some are for full closets, but some are split by season so you can focus on your summer wear. These capsule wardrobes are built on basics with certain accent pieces here and there. When looking at an overview of what is essential, you can check your own closet and see if there are any summer basics you are forgetting. In the process, your budgeting senses might be inspired when you see how little is really necessary for a complete summer closet.

Bathing Suits and Beach Wear

How can you not be ready for the beach? If summer rolls around and people are traveling to the beach, you do not want to be stuck without a swimsuit, towel, beach bag tote, or other beach essentials. Make sure you have everything you need to take advantage of every beach party and barbecue so that your summer is one to remember!


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