5 Reasons Why You Need to Try a Capsule Wardrobe This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try a Capsule Wardrobe This Summer

For many, choosing what to wear every single day can be more challenging than enjoyable. That’s why creating a capsule wardrobe for summer is such a smart and sensible idea. Anything that promises to simplify life is worth at least a little bit of time. Small changes to your routine can make all the difference, whether they shave off a few extra minutes in the morning or help you cut back on stress.

You may be familiar with the general concept of curating a few select pieces and adding them to your wardrobe. Designing a capsule wardrobe is simple and fun: your only job is to collect a few basics and accessories that you can easily mix and match to create fresh, new, and fun looks every day of the week. Think of this as the foundation for your daily routine. Without committing chunks of time to choose an outfit, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on other tasks. Here’s why it’s such a great idea.

Develop Your Signature Style

When you choose to design a capsule wardrobe, you’re forced to select only clothes that resonate with you on a deeper level. There’s no room for “maybes” and “what ifs” in this mix. The “capsule” is truly a scaled-back look at what you love best. This is a chance to explore pieces that you love — and to stop at those. Have you always had a thing for lightweight cotton sundresses that you can just throw on and go? At least one or two belong in your capsule collection. If you’re all about T-shirts and denim, use this as an excuse to pack your wardrobe with a variety of colors and styles.

Create an Organized Closet

It’s up to you to determine how many pieces you want to incorporate into your capsule collection. Some people opt to include somewhere in the range of 30 pieces, while others aim more in the 50 range. Whatever your choice, it will help you remain more organized throughout the season. You’ll avoid digging through drawers and rummaging through pieces to find what you need on any given day. Having a more clear view of everything that you own also makes it simpler to quickly and mentally plan your outfit for the day. Is it a long shorts and tank top kind of day, or a denim skirt and tee day? You can just reach in, grab what you need, and do it all without creating a new mess in the closet.

Start the Day Right

No one wants to spend the day staring blankly into the closet, wondering what to wear when there’s a busy day ahead of them. Whether you’re busy with the kids, heading to work, tackling chores, or taking care of tasks around the house, you already know that you’ll need to exert plenty of effort making big decisions all day long. Why should your wardrobe be a part of that equation? By streamlining your clothing to only a few select essentials, you instantly reduce the stress involved in choosing the right outfit for the day. Note this doesn’t mean your choices have to be boring — you can still have a great time putting together fun and stylish outfits that resonate with you! There’s just no need to stress about what to wear when you’re running around in the backyard with the kiddos. Grab those capri pants, throw on a lightweight shirt, and get started.

Indulge Your Creative Side

Believe it or not, a limited wardrobe also forces you to be more creative with your choices. When you have too many pieces at your disposal, you aren’t limited by anything — and you might just end up overwhelmed by it all instead. A smaller array of women’s blouses, pants, jeans, and skirts forces you to reconnect with your wardrobe differently. It encourages you to look closely at what works best with what, and the simplest ways you can make them an integral part of your summer looks. Now is the time to use your imagination, step outside of your comfort zone, and develop fun and unexpected new looks that you might never have thought to wear before.

Learn What Works Best

Never mind that your previous wardrobe was so crammed with pieces that you could never quite figure out what to wear. When you purposely decide to transform your wardrobe, you begin to analyze what actually deserves a place in your closet — and what you might finally be able to afford to let go. This is the time to think about whether you actually wear that striped women’s polo shirt from eight years ago, or whether you’re just holding on to it for the sake of nostalgia. It’s fine to keep some pieces, but at some point, you need to come to an understanding that not everything in your closet works for you. With a clearer understanding of what fits and flatters you best, you can zero in on the pieces that are well worth your investment.

If you’re inspired to create a capsule collection for summer, start by going through your wardrobe and picking out the pieces that you know you are sure to wear throughout the season. That includes the light and airy dresses you dream about wearing all year round, the shorts that see you through everything on your agenda, and the lightweight T-shirts that wick moisture away from your skin. Summer is all about your comfort. Use this as an opportunity to cultivate looks that help you look and feel your best during the hottest days of the year.

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